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The democrats and governors are pushing people to wear the n95 masks again bc of the smoke

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Well you’re about to have egg on your face. I’ve been following Iraq for years and their politics. They just revalued from 1460 to 1300:1 usd. Are one of the top purchasers of gold over the last year. Have 100B in reserves (usd). Have rich minerals in their ground. China and Russia are trading with them now including oil purchases all in non usd. The usd is collapsing and won’t be the reserved currency soon. Once that does happen watch all the war torn countries that have incredible reserves and precious minerals currency jump! Iraq, Vietnam, Venezuela.

They have paid their debts to Kuwait, and have had emergency meetings with the federal reserves of the uS and other European countries. Signed a massive contract recently to put in a subway type system in their big cities.

Look what happens in Kuwait? Revalued from Pennie’s to $3.38 overnight. It has happened and will happen again.

You’re lucky bc your parents will let you reap the benefits of this investment.

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Nesera is real. I love my fellow anons but sorry if you miss out.

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End of the USD as the worlds reserve note. That’s freedom day! Freeing everyone from the central banks slavery

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How are fags always in high up positions? The ones I’ve worked with are lazy as fuck and get drunk and do dumb shit

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What helps me to know we’re winning is she had two friends and just one body guard. Think about it, if they were worried about the deep state wouldn’t it be easy to get at DJT by kidnapping or hurting one of his kids? I think it was a great sign of hopium!

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Im not asking about the Q post, I’m Asking if the vote took 10 min?! Cmon man

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