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No apology necessary. I did have those issues. I do not now. I walk with Jesus daily. In that darkness He showed me new life and equipped me to help others in that situation.

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With respect, I am not testing God's Grace. I am active in my community and with what God puts in my heart is my job.

For some their Job will be out there. For others it will be at home. However, in the end I tried to take my own life and Jesus didn't allow it. As such, He will either allow us to fall or save us.

If you wish to go fight the world then by all means. I won't judge you. God's Grace is everywhere and in all things and I place my life on Jesus and my Kids.

You can take control of your life, or you can ask God to take command. I do the later.

If it comes to pass He asks me to stand and fight. Then I pray for my enemies, for I will follow wherever God leads.

You prepare all you want. All is vanity when the God begins to go to war.

God Bless

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I understand your feeling. This seems like a natural line of questions for any logical person. I believe that theres a plan, I also believe i could be wrong.

Now, I don't stockpile, I don't prepare. I don't store food or go buy more ammo. I do not react out of fear of what might come. The greatest gift this world could give to me..... is death!

A friend of mine asked what I would do since I don't prepare.... I said "I do prepare, every day I set my sight on Jesus and I prepare, if I am hungry He feeds me, if I am lonely he comforts me, and if I'm wrong about this plan and the world state.... Jesus will bring me home.

I do not fear death, I do not fear tribulation, I do not fear... the best part of the clown show is the following.

I no longer hold passion for my country, I no longer hold anger towards my enemy, I no longer feel the need to fight. This clown world has opened my eyes and is purifying my heart.

And Jesus said "Blessed are those who are pure of heart for they shall see God" Matthew 5:8

Do not fear brother/sister God's plan is an eternity in the making.

God Bless fren

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I have been having this conversation a lot lately. I just joined my local church. On one Sunday God put it in my heart to attend and the interaction has brought me to the point of joining. I didn't join because I think the church can bring me closer to God. I joined because the Holy Spirit is my driver and my road is not mine to make.

I completely agree that we make it way too complicated. Jesus was not complicated and I do not believe his message was complicated. I have argued much with my brothers and sisters on this topic.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Mathew 5:8

Purify your heart. Store the Word there. Let your heart look to nothing but Jesus. That is the key and nobody on earth can tell you if your pure. Only Jesus searches the heart. Only Jesus knows your heart.

Who do you know that has a pure heart? I can tell you the only ones I know that I can say have a pure heart, they do not have the ability to think deep or study deep. They are simple of mind, in that simpleness they are pure in heart. They are called broken, they are called stupid. Yet, it is they who our Father loves the most.

I leave you with a Navy saying K.I.S.S ....... Keep it simple stupid.

God Bless

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Thank you for this. Added to my collection. When Jesus saved me... he put it in my heart to play piano. 7 years later, I play... well nothing like this amazing artist, but he sounds like what I hear when I play.

Sometimes words cannot express the chaos inside a soul, but music seems able to capture and share things we could never otherwise express... I feel a kinship in this artist. A feeling in his music that I know.

God Bless!

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Only the devil gives you a choice between good and evil.

God gives you the choice of eternal life, or eternal damnation.

Your suggestion is the same as the globalist.

Kill what you hate, so the rest can be at peace. If you must go to war to obtain peace, then you haven't truly met God. The only Peace is through Jesus. He is THE WAY!

I'll pray for you. God Bless!

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Welcome brother. Such a fun message to read. Last week my daughter also accepted Jesus and claimed her great grandmother's Bible.

There is no greater event in life for me, than to see The Holy Spirit step into another's heart and seal that heart for God.

May your path be full of Grace and may His light shine upon you through the darkest of times.

God Bless!

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I understand. I apologize if my manner offends. I believe the orders are God's, is what my point is. I feel at any moment the decision to execute Jistice could be made. It's not Trumps decision is what I'm getting at.

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How do you fix a system that is completely out of control? Do we just wake up one day and flip the switch? If we cannot fight a war within the acceptable guidlines of war... we are no different then the oppressors you aim to hang. Forgiveness becomes a neccessity at some point. For we are all guilty and we all deserve that wrath. We may say to ourselves "im not like them, i would never do what they did <insert your chosen Sin>", but the truth is we are no better. We lay in bed with our wifes and dream about another woman. Or we drink to oblivion and cause havoc, then expect it to just go away. Or your like me and cannot go in public because you just want to fight someone. We have all been victims for our whole lives. It is about time we stop being slaves and victims to our emotional distress and fall to our knees before God.

God knows man can live at war.... we have proven that fact. Can you live at peace fren? Can you chose peace over war? This story will continue until mankind takes responsibility for its own actions. Our Father is patiently waiting for you to just crack, so that you might humble yourself before Him and ask for Forgiveness. He granted it before your knees even hit the floor... that is our merciful Father in Heaven who sent His only Son to pay for your debt and for mine. Justice is Gods to give out and there is only one tier of Justice. That is HIS!

I pray for you. That you might experience a day at peace. Play a flute in the woods and smile at the wonderful creation before you. I pray that you cry Fren just cry and let that anger out. I understand it more than you know, i live it with you, i am also a part of that anger, right now though i am praying and crying for you. This War isnt about countries.

Father Bless this person, give them the same assurance you gave me and show them there is a better way. We need you now Father, no man can lead us to Salvation, save your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

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Hardest part of being a veteran..... knowing that I was not defending my country, only the greed of government officials.

I for one cannot wait for the order... your correct, our children deserve better.

"My fellow Americans........" locked and loaded and ready to serve the American people, as it should have been. We cannot win if we do not have good honorable service members active.

God Bless you active duty out there. We are all counting on you! Stand tall

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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.

Proverbs 9:10

I enjoy reading your posts. Thankyou!

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Just trying to speak up for the Josh's out there is all. I hate seeing good folk fall prey to depression and suicide.

God Bless Fren!

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I understand that. I hold no contempt. I don't call those men veterans. I call them traitors.

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This is true. However, this response speaks loudly. There are far more Veterans who just want a normal life again. Who want to stop being haunted by the knowledge that our Oath was for life and was made upon God. Atleast in my day it was...

Yes there are those that abuse this status. Then there are those who don't fit in the world anymore. Who scream out for help and are met with this comment right here.

One of their names was Josh. He put a shotgun in his mouth and blew his head off in the bathroom. Many veterans know far more about this government than any civilian ever will. It haunts them every time they close their eyes.

Not trying to pick a fight or anything. This touches close to home for me. I understand your frustration with the veterans you speak of. They are the minority and should not be used as evidence to measure the other 90% of honorable Veterans.

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In my view both are true. We are living in the end times (doubt it goes down like any of us percieve it will though) and there is a Great Awakening happening. Much of the end times is arguable from so many different points of view that is can be overbearing to find a true answer. I dont really agree with much of the rapture argument... though i accept that i could be wrong. As with everything i take it to Jesus in prayer.

What i think is truly important about Revelations is not the darkness you see when reading through it. It is the promise. This story ends with 1000 years of peace on earth and Jesus Christ himself on the Throne. You can spend your whole life reading through Revelations and Daniel and never find a concrete answer. You are not supposed to. The answer is, and always has been since His sacrifice, Jesus Christ!

I too live in solitude. I interect with the world only when my heart tells me to. Even then i am reluctant to really let people know. Most of us Christians have a huge problem. We think it is our task to save everyone else, we must save all the sinners. I have dropped this thinking. My task is not to convert those who do not see Him, instead it is to improve my life by displaying his Character any time He calls on me to do so. Jesus is Salvation, He alone can save all who are lost, we are here to be ready to do His Will anytime we are called upon.

I pray for this world! I pray for all of you anons. Mostly, i pray for our children. It is their generation that will either "Know God" or it is their generation who will forsake Him.

If you are a believer i can only recommend what i do. I pray and Jesus answers, i believe i know the times and i believe only Jesus can tell you what that means.

Regardless of the times... i wish peace to all of you, believer and non believer. We can choose to be different, Jesus can show us the way. For narrow is the path.

Walk in peace. God Bless

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I completely get it.. tis why i focus on Jesus and Piano... in reality i believe the Bible is the script and the careful observer knows the times.

Getting lonely waiting for the show to end. I prefer engaging in a world of real people and endless opportunity. I believe Jesus will provide that exact opportunity. In the mean time im running out of popcorn and wish this movie would end!

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i got lost of questions with this guy. Here are the bullet points of note i have found. <disclaimer> this is simply my view as an observer. I claim no fact in any of this only personal observation of events</>

  1. born in DC
  2. father is a International chess master and Andrew played a lot of chess.
  3. He was in the movie Signs in 2002 with Mel Gibson (white hat in my opinion all the way)
  4. He was in this show called Big Brother (Season 17???) ended in 2016. im curious about this show. Its British.

Because of the top points of note i can both argue that he is a white hat or that he is a black hat. It all depends. There are a ton of points about this recent news with him. With comments about 3 lives and being down a life, 1. canceled, 2. imprisoned, 3. killed.... This is a movie script.... his role has been told. He will be removed from the show soon.

white hat operation that would make sense. Tate builds his character to take the fall in Romania for Human Trafficing. As we investigate we find that the pizza box holds deeper meaning. Andrew is removed from play as being killed. The plot changes to the pizza place and deeper things. ... new season.

Black hat operation that makes sense. Tate built his character to take the fall for a massive human trafficing scandle. He is conveniently killed in jail and will not stand account for his crimes (enjoy retirment dude) The true perpetrator of the human trafficing gets off scott free and noone is the wiser. Andrews part is played out and he takes his massive amounts of dough and dissapears.

ofcourse he could be a grey hat... in that he would be the one to take the fall for all this stuff. So the true perpetrator saves face and retires, tate is removed and the world believes justice has been served. The game is over and order is restored and the true history of what happened is buried.

Personally i believe this guy is worth a deep dive. All feels scripted and 33 cars is awefully specific. His random tweet was not random at all. I would assume almost everything in these images and in the video he made have meaning.

I am not one of you Anons, im just a wierd guy that spends all his energy on Jesus and piano, for some reason this whole story tickled my fancy. Might be worth the rabbit hole. Maybe not.

God Bless!

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What he doesn't say is that you cant deny that it happened the way they said it did.. He says you cant deny the event. Indeed, whatever happened during these events. whether fake or real happened.

I actually believe by making this rule he is pushing the "discussion" to the forefront. The question would be this.... will you get banned if you say... What truly happened at Sandy Hook? Proceed to post the argument and leave out the conclusion. The discussion is what wakes people up. That AHA moment.

Indeed to say these events didn't happen is actually false. We just don't know "what" happened.

Just the feeling I get. I could be waaaay wrong. God Bless

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Over the years I have retreated to the comfort of no interaction with most of the world. God blessed me with the means to afford to shut it all down and ignore the noise as best i could. I interacted with this community only briefly and really only to share my testimony in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. During that time i read these boards almost daily. I tracked the theories and watched the information nightmare unfold.

Just now as i read this post i felt like i had a glimpse of my future to come. I have actually known all along. Yet, in my heart i asked the question.... is the purpose of my pain to help the soon to be suicidal people? Did you allow me to walk through darkness, so that i might give hope to the few that will hear? As i asked i looked for a sign...my attention went to the clock. It was 5:18... only its not 5:18, its 10:25 am now... That radio has the wrong clock... so i asked. Bible verse 5:18 and behold...

1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

My point in posting this is simple. I stand with God and i believe God stands with Donald J Trump. I give thanks to God for not only our President, but for all of you that have unknowingly kept me company for these past few years.

To those who will face these Truths in the near future I Pray. In Jesus Name that they seek out those of us who do not care about who they were, we only care about who you are in Christ Jesus. Do not take your life, repent and seek His Kingdom, Jesus Christ Is Salvation. God Speed patriots!

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Nah, 3 weeks ago I would've.. I bought a golf membership instead. Really happy with my purchase

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Stupid gas prices caused me to have to pull my 30 shares out when it was 90+, made a few dollars.

Seems there will be no rocket ships for me.. I hope yall go to da moon over at dwac. Had my bags packed too.... really wanted to see the moon

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Always was a lie.... from the moment we decided to be "informed". Apple anyone?

Lot of anger in this post. I won't say it isn't justified. Their may never be a time on earth without these evils, I don't know.

The one thing I do know is, they have gotten us all angry and we throw our stones at eachother. They play on our emotions and our families emotions. I wanted suicide so badly... I felt just like this. What you have wrote here.

I was saved from myself friend and you can be too. This world is dark and morbid. We can chose to become that which we hate. Or we can fight back. Peace in your heart and steadfastness.

Many make the mistake of believing Christians are passive. That is beyond false. I have to place my hands on people all the time for being stupid. Yet I do so now without anger or judgements and am able to show mercy as the Lord showed mercy to me. I forgive them before I must act. Somehow, Noone gets hurt and I don't go to jail.

Without that peace I would have committed some vile aggressions at this point. I will pray for peace for you. I hope this finds you well. God bless.

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I get you. Peace can be achieved individually... even in war.

I get ugly and mean and nasty when I dig. It's to heavy so I have fully turned to God.

I was a web developer. Shut off my pc. This phone is still in my face. I got golf to play, music and peace to spread. The rest is above my pay grade. Should the need arise, I am always prepared to defend my community and constitution

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The things in her past as referenced in Trumps words. Like I said I know nothing of her.

You say it's a simple search. I disagree. A simple search will give you maybe a little clarity... it could also fool you. No search in politics is simple.

I do not go digging. Not because I don't care, but because I feel my time is better spent in study of the Word. The politics I enjoy following. However, It's all a game. For the record the only news outlets I hear from are the clips people on here post.

I already fought for this country for 11 years. This battle is beyond political.

If my statement offended you or made you feel angry at others for (insert what you think they should do here) then all I can say is I apologize for hurting your tender nature.

I am here for peace only

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