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Stephen A. (stands for Asshole) is still a piece of shit as that is what comes out of the Asshole's mouth!

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Thank you for pointing this out as I missed it. He is quoting FJB and I think this has gone over most of our heads.

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But not before it did its job!!!

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Who knows, maybe after the Tucker Carlson, President Putin interview today.

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Those border patrol agents that are defying Joe Biden are smart. They don’t want to get shot or killed by the US national guard for defending people illegally coming into our country. Part of the great awakening I hope

by winn
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A friend sent me this link earlier today and I was thinking about posting this earlier. It should be stickied and the videos are great. The video that is just him talking talks about the Vax and Ukraine. More important is The Greatest Show on earth. These are a must see for everyone.

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This is brilliant!!

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About G.H.O.S.T. The Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team is a critical piece of law enforcement working to protect our communities from the threat of sexual predators and fight against sex trafficking. G.H.O.S.T.'s mission is simple: through proactive investigation, we bring an end to these violent crimes that have been too often overlooked or ignored by the legal system. G.H.O.S.T.'s certification program is also being adopted nationwide as a model for combatting such heinous offenses; with its multidisciplinary approach combining multiple law enforcement agencies with community support teams and medical personnel.

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What is MMS and how did you take it?

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Thank you. I had to look up the word gravitas.This word comes to us straight from Latin. Among the Romans, gravitas was thought to be essential to the character and functions of any adult (male) in authority. Even the head of a household or a low-level official would strive for this important quality. We use gravitas today to identify the same solemn dignity in men and women.

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Martin Luther took seven (7) whole books out of the universal bible (and he wanted to take out more.) That in itself is very unsettling.

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Friday, December 8, 2023 What to Do About It By Anna Von Reitz

We have now confirmed from half a dozen sources that the twelve biggest banks in America have notified the major credit card companies that they will no longer be using their services as of December 14.

This has occurred in tandem with another kind of reset planned for December 15th—which would set the exchange rate at 1:1 for all world currencies. This will grossly devalue all Federal Reserve Notes wherever they are. The idea is to establish parity for all National currencies and provide an exit for the Federal Reserve Note being the “Reserve” Currency.

It will do you no good to run to the bank and try to get your money out as cash.

Whether cash in hand or on a ledger it will be devalued just the same.

The banks are unwilling to extend consumer credit or home loans or any other kind of credit because they do not want to be paid back with devalued money.

Bear in mind that this whole situation is their fault together with the politicians and business moguls who have been bilking the public in honor of corporate greed for the better part of 150 years.

Also bear in mind that as Americans, you are owed absolute parity with the FRN just as it stands.

So what to do?

Take screen shots of your bank account balances or go to an ATM on the 13th and get a paper receipt showing your account balance on that day.

The massive credit crunch created - willfully- by these 12 banks, coupled with the devaluation, will collapse the housing market and real estate values, that will in turn collapse the derivative market and all those “mortgage backed securities” will finally be recognized as worthless —-and that will collapse all the pension funds. And that will take down the stock market.

But don’t despair or panic. Remember the credit side of the ledger you are owed and all the “heritage” and “legacy trust” and off-ledger money you are owed.

The Bilateral Bank System is able and ready to distribute Prosperity Cards and other prepaid credit and asset accounts to tide you over.

As you are reading this stay calm and prepare by laying in some extra grub, fuel, water, and whatever else you may need.

Yes, the Tin Hats were right again.

Just as the Brits are at the bottom of every dog pile…. The Tin Hats have been right all along.

The tragic thing is that all the chaos and suffering that will inevitably result before this mess can be straightened out, could have been — and might yet be avoided — simply by a process of lawful conversion.

If the Officers and Boards of Directors of these banks are arrested before they can make this move and more intelligent heads rule the day, then all this drama and nightmare can fade away.

The entire world can be spared a devastating collapse simply by bringing the credit side of the ledger forward and distributing the prepaid credit and asset accounts that are owed.

This would allow the banks to stay in business and make a decent, safe, lawful profit serving their communities. It would flip the debt ledger on its head and open up supply lines, restore public faith, and enforce lawful government.

Let’s vote for that.

And if the people who call themselves “White Hats” are anything of the sort—- let’s see those arrest warrants and talk some sense into these twelve biggest banks in America.

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