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I bought a copy and lend it out to my patients. Very good movie. A week after watching this, I watched the "Popes Exorcist" not knowing it was based on a true story. Bought 2 of Fr. Amore's books and they go hand in hand with what was told in the movie Nefarious. This life we are living is a battle between good and evil.

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I don't know that they will ever come around. I hope they all just die (probably from the vax)!

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V for Vendetta (2 of them)

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Stephen A. (stands for Asshole) is still a piece of shit as that is what comes out of the Asshole's mouth!

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Thank you for pointing this out as I missed it. He is quoting FJB and I think this has gone over most of our heads.

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But not before it did its job!!!

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Who knows, maybe after the Tucker Carlson, President Putin interview today.

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Those border patrol agents that are defying Joe Biden are smart. They don’t want to get shot or killed by the US national guard for defending people illegally coming into our country. Part of the great awakening I hope

by winn
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A friend sent me this link earlier today and I was thinking about posting this earlier. It should be stickied and the videos are great. The video that is just him talking talks about the Vax and Ukraine. More important is The Greatest Show on earth. These are a must see for everyone.

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This is brilliant!!

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