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These are sad times. Much of the contradictory behavior you mention is because of that. People are clinging to what little hope they have in the figures they distrust least. Trump is at best a punch in the face when the only other option is a shit sandwich. Everyone knows this, and yet they support him. I at one time believed that his coddling of Israel was strategic not fundamental. Then he made all of his kids marry jews. Trumps fatal flaw has always been his ego. He believes the jews are superior, and therefore he must become the greatest jew to ‘win’ , whatever that means.

Make no mistake though. The jewish identifying body of the upper echelons are a clear and present existential threat to all that you know and love. They are working together across disciplines and industries with the implicit goal of subjugation of all non jews in mind.

It only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch. The vitriol seen here and elsewhere in recent days is a normal and justifiable reaction when a population can clearly identify the offending agent but have no method of addressing it. You are witnessing the frustration of the powerless masses. And those jews with skin in the game are laughing about it, at the existential risk of their entire race and religion. Its like they’re saying “what are you going to do about it?” Sooner or later someone’s going to answer them, again.

I once visited an offshore drilling rig and marveled as I witnessed only two men deftly handling impossibly heavy apparatuses to swap out drill bits the size of a small car. It was like watching martial arts. Then the rigging broke and the full weight of what they were operating tore down so violently and rapidly that they simply disappeared. They were never recovered.

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Now thats what I call suddenly. One of the only times it’s appropriate.

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The absence of proper temperature controls is highly correlated to vax deaths.

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Still on an iphone se, the original one. I think its 7 years old? Still the original battery too.

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Thats why they tried to plant Markle in the house of royals. Globalism fails if blood still matters to people. Blood means more than soil. If they could point to the figurehead to justify/normalize their redistribution of human labor it makes for an easy ‘Bloodless’ coup.

As soon as the queen realized that Charles was implicated in the globalist scheme to subvert the throne is when you began hearing chatter about him being skipped over for his birthright. Camilla not being formally acknowledged as queen etc.

Charles groomed the relationship to happen. Poor Harry played for a stooge in all of it. He still thinks he is in love. William is probably just glad to be alive at this point. That could change easily. ‘Died suddenly’ would fit the bill. That puts Harry back in line potentially, with the Queen Mother gone.

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Blood moon, dead Redshields and an election. Today is going to be remembered forever but I don’t know why yet.

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Ransom? So you believe in an extortionist god the father?

Atonement. Self sacrifice. Fulfillment of the covenant. You’ve completely missed the message. The New Testament simply invalidated the jewish torah. Why do you think they hate Christians? Christ erased their relevance and condemned them.

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I wasn’t giving Khazars a pass, you tried to indemnify the rest — which is not happening. All guilty. A pestilence across human history and nothing more.

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The Khazars didn’t send Christ to his death, the Jewish merchant class did.

They are the synagogue of satan if youve ever read a bible.

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If one thing is for certain, if she wasn’t a heart failure expert before, she is one now.

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