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Vlad is the original white hat

The entire Trump strategy was pioneered by Vlad and his team in Russia when they drained their swamp before ours

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Because if Assange was pardoned by Trump, then spills his guts about Seth Rich, it looks like he’s coerced by Trump

He will now be extradited and spill his guts to a Biden govt

He’s pretending to fight extradition but it’s just for show

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That’s a good one If I get enough to add I’ll redo it

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All good questions

I think the biggest indicator of Subud being his father is Loretta Fuddy

She was the head of the Subud cult in America and she just so happened to be the one person in charge of releasing Barry’s birth certificate before her mysterious “death”


Combine that with Barry’s mom living in Indonesia and its pretty compelling

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Muhammad Subud - was the head of an Indonesian cult. Obama’s family lived in Indonesia. Research Loretta Fuddy

John Trump - Donald’s uncle. Brilliant scientist at MIT. He was put in charge of studying Tesla’s records and was very connected to the intelligence/military world

Trudeau - Justin’s family were close allies of Fidel. His parents were in Cuba around the time of his supposed conception.

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Just looks like Soros

That’s David Sr

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You’re on a Q board and you think Biden is in control?

Thats the problem with a board like this gettin so popular. Normies like you come in and junk it all up 🥴

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Yes but did he do it voluntarily or was he forced to?

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I will update if enough or added If you include resignations you could make quite the pyramid

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It’s entirely possible

Who nominated Clarence Thomas and Alito to the SC? Bush

Who was Ragan’s vp? Bush

I lean towards Bush being black hat (obviously, I made the thread) but anything is possible

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You’re on a web forum full of people that believe the world is run by blood drinking pedophiles

Do you realize how many people think we’re preposterous for thinking that?

Have an open mind. Anything is possible

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Filled with all ages

Some zoomers that don’t know history Some boomers that got us all into this mess

At least they’re here

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It’s not the only piece of evidence that dinosaurs didn’t exist, just one of them

I don’t know if they existed or not, the point is no theory should be dismissed

We live in unprecedented times, anything is possible

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You’re posting this on a Q message board

You do realize that 99% of the public thinks Q is ridiculous, right?

I don’t know if the earth is flat or not, neither do you, but calling other conspiracy theories ridiculous on this board is kinda ironic and shows a lack of self awareness

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Who said you couldn’t?

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The previous pope was forced to step down as a distraction

Pope Francis assumed the throne on March 13th, 2013

The same day Hillary’s hacked emails from Guccifer were released

See Q post #570

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Pretty sure the military is in on that one so good luck with that confession

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Nearly every “dinosaur” bone you see in a museum is a cast replica

You might see a huge t-Rex skeleton and only a few of the bones are “real”


It’s very important for the cabal to convince us that humans are insignificant

The big boom, space, dinosaurs, evolution

All of these things are meant to convince you that humans are just a speck in a giant void of nothingness

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Possibly a white hat, but his son and key Trump ally, the Crown Prince, has absolute control

My guess is the king is black hat but is kept in place for optics on behalf of the Crown Prince

All of the black hat princes that were rounded up during the purge were sons of the king

The Crown Prince was the only one raised apart from the King

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Very possible

Bush was Reagan’s vp

But then again LBJ was Kennedy’s so who knows

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