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We are going to find out soon enough which way this goes in my opinion.

A lot of people have the idea that this is a way for the white hats to squeeze out the bad apples over a period of time then all at once.

I am skeptical as well but we will find out soon enough.

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Each person has their own personnel epiphany that something is off so time is the great equalizer in all of this.

Time to understand, to learn, to research, and to heal.

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It truly is tragic because we are watching the world trying to kill itself literally in slow motion.

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Very educated man that knows the evil that lurks but chooses to look the other way.

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My question is to what degree are the respective immune systems of the vaxxed compromised? Is bloodwork the best way to determine the health of someone's immune system that has been vaxxed?

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IF this is true it means the white hats and black hats are setting up some kind of reckoning at some point.

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As Americans we recognize the dangers far more as we have experienced for a longer period of time the implications of illegal aliens coming in.

Europeans haven't experienced this for as long of a period of time so they have no context of what this means over decades.

by jon5
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This was discussed on Jay Sekulow's podcast a while back.

What happened was the Supreme Court decided to punt on the issue. It was thought that it can only be resolved at the state level but that answer isn't satisfactory. However, the argument put forth to the SC was regarding a constitutional issue and they punted.

When the SC punts on a Constitutional issue then it is not good. Not good at all.

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Many Europeans don't understand they are in grave danger with these people aka muslim invaders.

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Here are two easy things to point out.

  1. No one flinches when the "weapon" is discharged in such close proximity.

  2. The shooter claims he had no where to retreat when you can clearly see the entire long hallway behind him.

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President Trump is right on point as always. I would also say that they are trying to run out the clock so they can legally scrub the 2020 election data within a year.

Big things need to be happening soon IMO. No date fagging on my part but let the ball start rolling.

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