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moving goalposts again. I have no idea how anyone can figure Trump is coming back from any of this. I think he retires permanently from politics, and only endorses folks. Perhaps he does that at huge rallies, but thats my guess.

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weren't we supposed to see widespread voter fraud information?

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Okay? So put your foot down and teach your son a lesson

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Your son is 3. Man up, put your fucking foot down, and teach your child a lesson.

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Maybe everyone keeps moving goalposts and that's the probkem. One second it's inauguration day, then we need to let Biden complete the steal, then the superbowl, so on. Everyone we listened to the entire time as a source is saying it's over lol

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Bezos announced in August he was stepping down in 2021.

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This is how you get OAN to totally EXPLODE. All these TV personalities that we like that are getting whacked...they should move to OAN.

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its beneath her to go through those.

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We have proven their was fraud on an undeniable level. Our problem is that the NPCs won't accept it. Bill Barr saying their was no fraud sure as fuck didn't help.

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it would be epic to have Trump take over the networks...epic.

wishful thinking

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Nothing is going to happen during the game, it would dumb. The networks aren't gonna just hand over the game to Q

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if you think that anything is going to go down on the Superbowl, you're insane. Remember, the NFL has had an all time low in viewership.

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thank god for the sirens, I'd have never been able to figure this out. IF we were over target, we'd see action. We don't.

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and that Rothschild moron is going bonkers over it.

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