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In a criminal case, the prosecutor has exactly one way to question a defendant, and that is in trial.

If Durham is questioning Sussman, then it is under a plea deal.

Sussman is singing.

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Remember a few weeks ago when all the news could report was that the hospitals are full of unvaccinated covid patients?

Yeah, that story dried up fast, didn't it?

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Huge wins yesterday. Sorry I was so late to sticky this.

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We're just going to have to agree to disagree. Being a feudal lord in today's society is not at all the same as it was when that was the best anyone could hope for. In today's society, those who would be feudal lords are already enjoying those pleasures, powers and extreme wealth while at the same time surrounded by a society that serves them. But - and this is crucial - they don't have to defend their castles and their lives from the hordes of jealous and unprivileged people all around them.

They are smart enough to know that retreating to a feudal world would be a worse life for them entirely.

I do not disagree that there are forces trying to destroy America from within, but I am saying it is not being done for wealth or power, it is being done for evil's sake.

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Exactly. While America has its depravities and greed, it is still on balance a force of good in the world. And that is based on our Christian values. America still spreads Christianity through the world.

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I don't buy this. No one wants to be a feudal lord in the new Dark Ages. The Dark Ages sucked for everyone. It's much better to be powerful and rich in a capitalist society than in a society full of poverty and illness.

Think about how much you hate the homeless camps edging ever closer to your neighborhood. Now imagine if most of society was like those homeless camps, and the feudal lords would be living behind huge walls with a private army to protect them from revolt every moment of every day. The rich and powerful are smart enough to know this. To a man, they will say no thank you.

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Here's what makes sense. If so far the true conservatives and Christians are resisting the vaccines, the Left are indeed killing their own and making us the majority left standing. That is not their plan, obviously, so how would you remedy that if you're one of the bad guys? You'd amp up the pressure on the unvaccinated to a crazy degree to even things out.

That is happening with an incredible vengeance.

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He wants the Navy uniform for his Village People fantasy. Just in time for Halloween to boot.

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This interview was done now for a reason. Steele knows he's currently being targeted for his role and page one of the Left's playbook says to go on the offensive in the face of any threatened attack so the attack will look like retaliation.

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Could you keep compiling the original WOTD for another week or so, through Friday? I only jumped in last night because I hadn't seen one in a couple days.

Thanks Puncake!!

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Sorry to be so late to sticky this. Great job Puncake!

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I agree that violence will set everything back rather than win, but we should not relax. We all need to become loud voices in every setting in our lives. Talk about the way the Left took hardly any time destroying the economy, opening the border, abandoning Americans in Afghanistan, pitting Americans against each other regarding covid mandates, ignoring the science, defunding the police, trying at all costs to make vote fraud easier, etc.

Tell everyone. And then marvel at how many people are actually on our side.

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Another strawman argument.

Until the American physical landscape looks like barren mountains, deserts and caves, and until the American populace looks like third-world non-digital tribesmen, you can't begin to compare our people, geography and politics to Afghanistan. Moreover, if we took up rifles and handguns against the US military controlled by the Left, with the stakes at play here, the Left would not hesitate annihilating the Right in a way we never even hinted at doing in Afghanistan.

You’re either intentionally trying to stoke violence which will only help the Left or you’re showing childlike lack of ability to see how weak your arguments are. Either way, you’re not helping.

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You've built a strawman.

The military has been gutted as it compares to other world powers.

Yet it remains light years ahead of hunting rifles and handguns.

This isn't rocket science, why are you not grasping this?

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I'm promising you, if all patriots were less apologetic and more adamant about the truth, it will spread like wildfire. This sense of doom needs to stop if we are to win. Too many are too quiet and timid. The truth is loud and persuasive. Just share it.

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