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Even more, of those 700 maternal deaths, very few of them were contemplating abortion. So open abortion (which was happening already) would not save those 700 women.

The true comparison is 332,757 versus a VERY small number.

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This is the wrong construct. A toddler is not viable unless someone cares for it.

Viability is a red herring. Don’t fall for it.

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I think the liberal Justices and their staffs saw this writing on the wall for a couple months now. The draft opinion wasn't their first inkling, not by a long shot.

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It's a fair take, but I think this is happening.

We are Sodom and Gomorrah and there has to be a time when God says enough. I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

Having said all that, I don't kid myself that the Left won't fight this tooth and nail. And even if we win on this point, the Left will use this to energize the vote in November.

Still, this had to be done. God had to protect the babies. That seems elemental to me.

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I'm still way down the waitlist and it hasn't budged. Something about this rollout seems off. As if it was all just a bargaining tool to demonstrate how powerful Trump can be, without any real intention to follow through.

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Nada Bakosis the CIA officer Jessica Chastain played in Zero Dark Thirty.

She is wildly liberal and lets her politics interfere with her judgment.

People like her need to be held accountable.

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Whenever anyone says they will soon present damning facts, we must wonder why they are giving a warning. Knowing how DC works, my first thought is that the threat is being used to exert some kind of leverage. Perhaps Grassley is saying something like, "make sure your SCOTUS nominee fails or I will go public with everything by the end the week."

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It’s important for us to understand what’s really happening rather than chase every theory that confirms our well founded beliefs that these people are dishonest and manipulative.

There is plenty to confirm our worst suspicions without believing that the entire slap was a setup. Think about it. Would Will Smith really destroy his career to help Pfizer sell a drug for alopecia? It makes no sense.

What does make sense is that Pfizer saw the opportunity and ran with it like a drunk ambulance chaser. What does make sense is that Will Smith is a tortured and disturbed man of limited intellect who has been molded into this mess by the Hollywood system, the celebrity aristocracy and a conniving wife who openly cheats on him and tells the whole world that he’s okay with it.

But there is no way Will Smith consciously planned his career suicide to sell Pfizer pills for an obscure disease.

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It wouldn't surprise me at all if he needed to get a copy of that laptop out of the house in case he'd need it later. When your dad is the VP - as Hunter well knows - he is a target not just for becoming rich with influence-peddling, but also a target for those who want to hurt and control him. My hunch all along has been that Hunter used that unwitting repair shop as kind of a dead man's switch.

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Not necessarily. There are a bunch of Trump’s enemies not cited. Obama. Holder. Clapper. Brennan. Pelosi. Schiff. I think the current list of defendants are the ones who are implicated by currently held written evidence. The case will expand as discovery occurs.

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The electronic theft that will happen in any internet shutdown will be incalculable.

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Why issue a warning? It allows the bad guys to get a court order enjoining the release on some grounds like "public interest" or "national security" or something like that.

It also give them time to get to him.


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There’s a reason we’ve never heard about Canadian Special Forces before.

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This is a delaying tactic, with no real expectation it will succeed. The Supreme Court will ultimately hold that officials cannot thwart investigations and FOIA requests by simply asserting sovereign immunity. The idea is clearly contrary to a government for the people and by the people.

In typical swampy fashion, Pelosi is buying time while the narrative that Trump organized an attack on the Capitol gets driven deeper into morons’ tiny brains.

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It’s astonishing that no one in the media will even utter that this Jan 6 Commission is an unconstitutional government assault on the right of free speech and assembly.

Add to this the DHS declaration that it is domestic terrorism to question election results or the effectiveness of vaccines, and the Left’s agenda couldn’t be more clear.

They are trying to make it illegal to think and speak independently. In a time when they are defunding police and failing to prosecute true criminality, they are all in on prosecuting free speech.

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There is more than enough experience with omicron to inform China that trying to stop omicron is silly. It is highly contagious but very benign. Isolating will only prolong the period of its burn through the population.

So this isn’t omicron.

It’s something else.

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There was no breaking announcement that Biden was stopping all domestic oil production. Some continues. So I am unsticking this thread.

But I agree that Biden has severely restricted domestic oil and caused us to need foreign oil after Trump had made us energy independent.

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Under appreciated post!

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He said, "go get him" rather than "go get 'em." Curious who "him" is.

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THIRTY FIVE different auto-immune conditions. That 'auto-immune' list alone is enough to reject this shot.

See page 20 of the report for the number of actual auto-immune reactions.

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