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If I was Trump, when I get back to the White House I would say it was hidden all this time so he never has to admit he truly has it and ignores the subpoenas.

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This story and others like it point out what a terrible job Trump’s lawyer did. After the verdict we’re seeing things that should’ve been presented as evidence during the trial.

A bad lawyer is not grounds for appeal.

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Because they don’t want a wealthy conservative to buy it and find all the wiring that has no purpose but to deliver power to hidden cameras and the like.

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But they are skyrocketing. All my rates are going up. I have a client that owns lots of apartment buildings. Gos insurance went up 125% this year, an annual increase of over $1 million.

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It’s now an old trick of the left. They make people believe the polls are close so they can cheat the result and many people will therefore believe the outcome is legit.

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The PC woke police eating their own.

The college presidents helped create the monster that is turning in them now.

There is obviously no higher learning going on in that camp.

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I read the story about the runoff election on Fox. And they never once mentioned the margin. Fox is so compromised.

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Tell me why a guy with his own planes flies 36 times on another guy’s plane? It doesn’t happen. Unless the other guy’s plane has lots of underaged sex slaves on it.

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What is a guy his age doing in a military exercise?

In SA, dying in a military exercise is open code for “killed at the order of the crown Prince.”

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Ivermectin for sure. It’s a miracle cure.

And prayers.

Two things no doctor would prescribe, but the two best cures.

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You could tell that interviewee was pissed about that policy. I wish someone would ask who installed the policy to harass anyone and everyone who traveled near DC in January 2021.

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Trump extended the hold on the JFK files. I’m guessing he thought the release would be so shocking that it might cause an uprising.

Curious that no one has argued in his behalf that if Trump wanted a citizen uprising to purge the deep state, he could’ve done it way before January 6. This feels like a proof that he did not want or expect any shenanigans on January 6.

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And he has his own fleet of planes. Why fly Epstein’s plane at all? I mean, ever?

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