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If this was real she could just cross the channel to England on a dinghy and claim asylum with a different name.

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If that Royal Marines could remove the waste being dumped on Britain's coastal borders, that'd be great.

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Bit racist of them to treat ethnic minorities like wildlife.

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I developed a cough, runny nose and a sore throat yesterday, which is weird as I previously had a cold as recently as November, when I've otherwise had hardly any colds since 2020.

It has however been a non-stop phenomenon among all the vaxxed people in my office throughout the past 4 months.

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Do remember all kinds of theories doing the rounds to explain his temporary disappearance at the time.

Ukrainian kids television aired a cartoon of him being abducted by aliens (among other things): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyZakM3C5g0

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Maybe '[0000]' was the midnight thing Taylor Swift did (00:00).

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'King Charles BLASTED for receiving immediate cancer treatment'

'Jumping the queue'

Sounds a bit like "Biden is SHOT".

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Tend to agree with the phenomenon described here, but the coinciding with Trump's Truth about Elvis (the King) is indicative that there may be more going on.

Either way it is certainly theatre.

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Boris pretending to be a populist again now?

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You do often see tidbits of truth published in junk rags such as the Daily Star.

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Still unclear why they're so obsessed about meeting their arbitrary target by the year 2030.

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