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Worthing: Man caught on CCTV stealing 144 bars of chocolate

Even BBC News appear to be chiming in with '144'; an insignificant article like this would not typically be listed near the top of the front page, especially 3 days after the original story broke.

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Good thing he didn't take sheep medication, or else he might have died suddenly sooner.

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At these early stages it appears as if the media are going to frame this to reinforce the false narrative that "we should have locked down sooner!" or similar, as they are pre-empting it with the angle "Covid-bereaved want answers". I don't think the general public are ready for the truth on how the elderly were euthanised en-masse yet.

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Not everything is at it seems on the surface.

Throughout all of the Covid tyranny, Boris partied it up on at least 17 occasions, which ultimately let to the destruction of the Covid narrative. I think he's compromised by both sides.

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There was no reporting of his hospital stay at the time. To claim this two years later may be intended to sew the illusion that these swamp creatures took the jabs for real (as opposed to faking it), who may later claim that they were misled over the dangers just as much as the public was.

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This predates the 2020 election. It is presumed that others such as Hunter may have either taken a plea deal or been replaced themself.

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Part of draining the swamp required allowing the enemy to believe they were in control and could continue getting away with their corrupt activities, thereby exposing themself.

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The optics are that Biden has dementia, but when you read between the lines it appears Trump is trying to convey a message that Biden has been executed by firing squad.

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What about clips of Trump repeatedly making statements such as:

Biden looks shot

Joe took a shot before I left office

Biden's brains are scrambled

Joe has half his head left

Biden doesn't know he's alive anymore

He's a different guy. He doesn't look the same. He acts different than he used to. He's slower than he used to be

Biden is sleeping in Delaware


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