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Boom in VA today.

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Prayers for you and Alison. Be strong and faithful and trust God has a plan. Complications occur, just take them in stride and decide what is best for her and move forward a day at a time. This community always will cover you in prayer, and of course offer advice if desired. May God be with you, Alison, and each and every provider that interacts with Alison in any way. May positivity and other believers surround you and help sustain your strength.

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Every step of it all. The cascade of labor and delivery interventions leading to unneeded c-sections and premature babies due to inaccurately calculated due dates, on and on. Too many ear infections and antibiotics wrecks gut and often leads to tubes in ears.

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This makes me sad and upset if true. We discovered him early on YT and he was really goofy but fairly innocent. Kids outgrown him now and he seems to have an empire, married, has his own kid. Any sauce other than a blurry pic with face partially blocked?

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From one of the pages “fight the cis-tem.” How do I switch timelines with my family? It all is escalating so quickly…

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Store living up to its name. I’m done.

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Any thoughts on what it is or no real diagnosis? Chiropractic or even some fascia work may help. Water fasting? Hard to know but I would try one thing at a time. Dr. Wallach may also have an idea with an inventory of symptoms, you can look him up, he’d focus on diet.

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"'Rob,' My Red Button is bigger, better, stronger, and is working (TRUTH!), yours does not! (per my conversation with Kim Jung Un, of North Korea, soon to become my friend!)," Trump said in the post.

He called Ron Rob again, too.

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Per the work of u/sleepydude who moved to substack (https://sleepydude.substack.com/p/comms-dictionary):

Ice Cream = Campaign Bribe / Political Favor

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Any “pandemic” will be much more deadly for the large population of immunocompromised/vaids. No. More. Fear.

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Ty for the prayers and info. After a bad spell of low sodium that almost killed him last fall, he healed as much as he could before going back to finish chemo and radiation now. God willing it was/is effective.

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Mask as the medical scarlet letter. Hm.

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Ty for sharing this. My better half just completed “traditional” treatment for an aggressive cancer. We are in healing and hoping and believing that it is gone, months until next scans. Your words are encouraging.

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u/spookyjumper I third this. FloridaSharkman can be DMd or emailed and will give direct advice, Contraband Cures provides dosage calculator too.

Here’s a vid of the basics: https://rumble.com/v2h2g1k-floridasharkman-parasite-protocol-overview.html

Protocol B most often is rec for cancer but this is the document with all protocols, meds, and sources: https://floridasharkman.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/ParasiteProtocol_10-15-22v12.pdf

Keep your faith, Fren. Prayers with you. 🙏

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Yes. Didn’t Trump himself at least insinuate as much? Or maybe I imagined that. Back when we all waited for him to speak out on the shots at rallies Robert Wood Johnson IV appeared at a few which I found interesting. I remember digging a little into his wife, Suzanne Ircha. She was friends with Melania, from Ukraine, with Epstein ties. I digress.

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Not sure this is a recall in the traditional sense. Sounds like it’s being destroyed since all of it is expired as of 5/7. Still some winning.

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