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"...few dresses, many scarves"

Hope Dr Smircks doesn't tie her scarf to a doorknob during Arkencide wkend

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"There are also people who will make a comment and then down vote all the other comments in an effort to get their own comment to move up the thread "

Define: glowfag

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Together we will free the entire world.

This IS The Plan which nothing can stop.

Afterwards, I'm vacationing in Australia to celebrate among my brethren. Then hitting Moscow to give thx, then on to London to be with my bloodliners, perhaps dining in France, wine in Italy, weed with Swedes (I don't even smoke) and partying on in all former nato nations freed from the grips of hell.

Anyone wanna join, we'll split the rooms? single females strongly encouraged to apply

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Hope your business is in Florida?

Right to Hire/Fire state, no queshions axed? Feel me dog?

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You're not just lucky but simply a critical thinker, apparently, per Q, chosen a job... not a jab?

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Well said, fren. Actually, I'm entering yr 4 of this "startin' over" venture and we'll over the pain part (I'm the one who ended the marriage, technically). I've been on enough dates to know I deserve better than the baggage offered, thus far at least? I'm anxiously awaiting this plan, The Plan, to unfold, as I see a much better world awaiting on the other side, and put my trust in God to fulfill the rest?

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I'm "startin' over" in my mid-50's after a long marriage/2 kids. Looking for a good, attractive, intelligent, non Karen who isn't a ho?

I know when you said to "set the bar higher" you didn't necessarily mean unattainable, but there ya go

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Bought by the Clinton, shot by the Clinton.

Arkencided by 2 shots to the back of the head

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I agree.

Q said "we" are returning the power to the ppl (governance of, by, and for) and that the U.S. is first, followed by the rest of nations/humanity.

Trump said "you're gonna love how this ends, it'll be glorious" (not verbatim) and of course the Biblical reference by Q.

I highly doubt this movie ends with the crowning of nation king's... unless... you-know-who returns to finish off his battle vs the dark, usurous tribe?

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Ladies, regardless of women's soccer players now getting paid same as men players, WNBA will never get there. Sorry? And, soccer is for dudes who couldn't play 🏈

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Strange replies so far?

Gotta admit this repost of "Wise words" by Elon raises an eyebrow in a good way?

Perhaps there's hope that he's a white hat and not kosher nostrils after all... Telling post in my book

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Fool me twice, eh heh, shame on...me? eh heh... can't get fooled again!!

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"...if this is real..."

Yep, gonna need more sauce 😜

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I see 2 more WEAKS above my post

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Kindness party?

Supporting abortions, anti religion, pro eugenics, anti white, anti men, pro taxation without representation, pro antifa/BLM, anti family, pro "it takes a village" , anti home schooling, pro forced integrated schools (hurting suburban kids), pro shipping our tax $$$ to other countries while ignoring our own ppl who earned said taxes, pro war, pro Muslim/ Homobama, anti anything Christian, anti Trump/Q who preach love with wwg1/defeating the Deep Satanists...

Better late than never, Elon, but We have our own All Seeing Eyes on you, powered by autsts with aspergers, so... don't play

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