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Does name check out?

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The consensus among anons is that Trump/Q/White Hats have already defeated Roth and DSers and that we're in the phase of watching it all play out, aka a "movie" but time'll tell?

Tick. Tock.

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Any anons recall around circa 2012 the Russian experiment on humans at time of death? They used a new (at the time) light detecting technology... and would film "light sources" leaving the body at T.O.D, exiting upward, of course said to be the soul.

No sauce, workfagging but hadn't seen anything bout it in yrs so might be tough digging

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Love you moar!


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Perhaps you didn't "stumble" here but were guided... chosen even?

Hell I don't know either but always liked the sound of it, of what Q alluded too.

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Still seems a little smallish to be on the D line for his hs football team, but he was a late bloomer.

From the D line to lining up for D 🤢🤮

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The name... Abrams... a tool of destruction no doubt

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Actually the solution is to end the corruption/Satanism ww and the end of oppression will soon follow. Freeing humanity is our movement, one step at a time. Painfully long process but has to be this way.

WWG1 ain't just a slogan...

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Edith- "Oooh Ahhchie, Meathead disagrees and says it's all a misunderstanding"

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True account- I've personally seen multiple drones multiple times at nighttime buzzing above in my smallish, SE coast Florida town. I'm near a small but busy executive airport in a relatively low crime area- where I assume the drones are launched. Its disconcerting bc the general public (taxpayers who fund) are never informed about it, nor the results/reasons why these drones are cost effective vs invasions of privacy protected by 4th Amendment.

Our county Sheriff is of the tribe btw.


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Respectfully disagree, unless referring to the idiocy of the cops surveillance of private property without a warrant (which even then has time limits).

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