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When people started lining up for shots, I tried to point out, gently, that jabs were experimental, and maybe we should wait a bit?

However, if I felt a strong gestapo vibe from jab participants, I kept quiet, for fear the pharmacists might be asked to call police on me. When I relocated to the US from overseas, I was shocked by the NAZI aura that had taken over my homeland.

I actually did get yelled at by a few people, along with receiving some death stares. I wonder if some of these people have since passed. The food bank grannies I spoke with Christmas 2021 did not show up for Christmas 2022, despite Fauci telling everyone that a combination of jabs, masks and staying home would give grannies an extra year of life (liar). They also appeared to want to have their grandkids jabbed.

I'm not convinced that Germans were all pro-gestapo. Some of them opposed Hitler, but were fearful of arrest and imprisonment or worse. That's not so different from now, considering ice cream brain has spoken of eliminating all conservatives.

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In my very recent click through YT videos, I heard two pertinent items:

  1. illegal to attempt to convert anyone from one religion to another

Someone on the vid was saying Christians could end up targeted for attempting to proselytize, punishment including jail time, if this new law goes forward. However, another source said that this kind of legislation is proposed regularly by ultra orthodox members of parliament. Netanyahu receives support from Zionist Christians, so he says this legislation will not be passed.

  1. Israel a theocracy

Well, long ago, Israel actually was a theocracy, and ever since they regained control of Jerusalem in the six day war, they have been seeking to rebuild the temple which they (perhaps mistakenly) believe is where the Muslim dome of the rock now sits. All the parts necessary for reconstruction (they say) have already been built.

They need a spotless, unblemished red heifer for the purification ritual for when the new temple and religious priesthood services are re-established.

In September 2022, five red cows were imported from the United States, and transferred to a breeding farm in Israel. According to the rabbis who accompanied the process, the cows are kosher for sacrifice.

Because the state of ritual purity obtained through the ashes of a red heifer is a necessary prerequisite for participating in Temple service, efforts have been made in modern times by Jews wishing for biblical ritual purity (see tumah and taharah) and in anticipation of the building of the Third Temple to locate a red heifer and recreate the ritual. However, multiple candidates have been disqualified.

According to rabbinical tradition, there have been nine red heifers sacrificed since Moses’ time.

The rabbi Maimonides (1135—1204) taught that the tenth red heifer would be sacrificed by the Messiah Himself (Parah Adumah, ch. 3, § 4).

If one of the five cows is deemed to be "the one," that will be the tenth red heifer and thus, the Jewish MESSIAH would shortly arrive.

My understanding is that many in Israel (and I believe this includes Netanyahu) are getting very excited for the possibility that their Messiah is coming soon. At that point, Israel would re-establish itself as a theocracy.



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I recommend Tomato Bubble Real History Channel for his take on Trump/Netanyahoo/Israel/USA.

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We have been having some truly bizarre weather of late in various places. California has been having tornadoes, for example. Lived in CA several years. Never heard of tornadoes there. This particular tornado hit MS Friday night. Have found myself wondering if these events are "natural" or "manmade." If it is manmade, then it would be further evidence of the destruction being planned for us.

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Sorry ladies (or whatever you wish to be called), but persons born with what used to be considered male reproductive equipment, represent roughly half the world, and I feel they should be roughly 50% included in this line up of people who are going to cut into bodies and stitch them back up again. Thanks, but no thanks, I won't be requesting your slice and dice womaneuvers anytime soon.

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Reparations from the debt enslavers.

If you can, take a look at the POTUS and preacher speeches re Easter 2020--release from Egyptian slavery plus gifts of gold and silver from the Egyptians. (I don't know where to find that.)

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Re: SneakyWino comment: I have been trying to figure this one out over the last couple of weeks, but I don't see any easy solution. If they crash it and make our digits disappear, most of us will be in the same boat. We can't all go live in cardboard boxes.

I consider that they really should do a debt jubilee. All debts called off and start from zero.

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Don't be an extra in your own movie. Be the main character. Bring things about. Only way to be free.

This is interesting advice. I'd like to figure out how to do that.

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Actually, it led to a boatload of replies, which I really didn't expect. More replies than anything I ever posted. Got a fresh perspective outta that, for which I am grateful. Some cobwebs got brushed away, so it was fruitful, which I also had not expected. It also gave me the realization that the things I do not now understand will be given the light of understanding somewhere down the road.

I got so many responses, I began to worry, "What have I done??? Did I release the kraken accidentally?"

It has given me a new kind of hope based on something more solid than hopium. So the "kraken" did a good work, after all.

Thank you to all the anons who sent me kind words, advice and prayers.

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The fact you're losing your hopium means the plan is about to explode.

OK, sounds good. Thanks.

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Well, I love Catturd, and he does have humor, and they say he has a relationship with Trump. So it's all good.

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What’s sad, is finding out we aren’t the good guys. This country has done some terrible things worldwide. For a very long time. Waking up to a nightmare of sorts, is like waking up to narcissistic abuse. It was all a dream.


I have personally undergone several rounds of narcissistic abuse that has been multi-generational, although I didn't know what it was at the time, didn't know it had a name, didn't know that narcissists work from the same playbook, didn't know that it was "abnormal." I just thought that was the way life was. My narcissistically abusive childhood was a horrible brainwashing program that made me a target for future narcissists to manipulate me and bully me. I rarely ever got away from this. No one ever told me what it was. And I DID from time to time try to seek help.

This is why I don't like DJT sending out some breadcrumbs of hope, and then taking the hope away with a "not yet, not yet, tee hee." I don't think I need to be in a teasing game like that anymore.

And yes, our whole lives we were told we were "the good guys." It is very painful to wake up to see we were used and abused by the DS gov that was doing evil around the world while filling their own pockets and shipping off the fruit of our labor to the Rothschilds central banks. We have been used as debt slaves and worse.

I think that Mystery Babylon combines one world false religion, one world money/finance and one world gov. It is supposed to fall, and perhaps we are seeing the beginnings of it. (Hope so.) Whether or not DJT has been working to help bring this about remains to be seen. It is supposed to be "ten kings" who destroy Babylon. I do think DJT helped to expose some of the dirty doings of the DS. That is why they hate him. The Fall of the Cabal series of videos has a section on DJT. It is worth watching.

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I lived West Coast many many many years. We NEVER had weird weather that I can remember. What is going on, do you think?

If it is manufactured, what would be the purpose of that?

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Please do it, Ted, hombre mio. Show us you have some huevos.

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So funny. . .almost want something that says "HELLO, I'm racist" on it!

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Disney characters and pedo symbols on diapers.

How can there be SO MANY of these evil freaks???

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Trump reads the snake poem. About the lovely woman letting in the snake. Is he telling us something? Is he the snake?

I saw/heard that one a couple of times. I honestly didn't know if he was comparing the snake to the DS cabal or if he were actually referring to himself as the snake. He didn't write that, but I found his use of it a bit disturbing.

The world we have known is going to change.

Agree 100 percent. At some point, survivors will arrive at the other end of the storm. We know what the WEF is planning. The question is, to what extent will the Lord allow them to succeed? If they succeed totally, the vast majority will be dead, with the remainder abject slaves, bugs and all. So this is the reason I believe the Lord will cut short those days of tribulation. For the sake of the elect, the days of tribulation will be limited. For myself, I really don't want to eat bugs or soylent green (dead humans processed into food for humans). So I pray/hope it doesn't get that far or that ugly.

During his Presidency DJT said, "I'm the King of Israel. I'm the chosen one." I thought, "WITW does he mean by THAT?" Saw it on some twitter clip in 2020. He also said, "I caught 'em all," by which I thought he meant he had caught all the DS cabal. There's a bit of mystery about him.

God can use anyone to fulfill his purposes. We need to have some patience to see how he will work things out. Maybe he is building our faith in these strange days. If I knew where to find emojis, I would give you a smile and hug emoji.

Be blessed!

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No! No! Do you know what depleted uranium shells do?

They poison everything in the area, just like a nuclear bomb.

US used them in Iraq. Babies were born horribly deformed, like Chernobyl children. Doctors in the affected area in Iraq (I believe it was Fallujah) told the women there, "Try not to have any more babies."

Only demonic minded creatures would purposefully poison the only home they have--Earth.

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