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Ooooh, This one gonna be good!

Question is: Was Pence blackmailed with this information, threatening him against throwing the 2020 electoral vote dispute back to the states in question to decide, as was Constitutional for him to do on J6?

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You are a fool. I posited no theory at all. Lindell sent a second eMail today:

"Arizona's wrongfully "elected" Governor Katie Hobbs has stepped down!

"A mysterious announcement was made by Hobbs, who has stepped down from office and appointed Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee as acting governor, Yee pointed out in her press release that Katie Hobbs has not fulfilled her duties as governor and is not following the law. "

I said I was waiting to hear more about the detals from Kari Lake, and that's all.

See if you can attend to that pre-mature media ejaculation problem you suffer from.

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You don't know that for a fact. I just received an eMail from Lindell Thursday PM that says she actually stepped down. Waiting for more information from Lake herself

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And Don Jr. is engaged to Newsome's ex-wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle .... Has she got some sauce to share that ony she would know or have personal records/knowledge of?

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So what you are saying is that you are the embodimet of Klaus Shwab's "you will own nothing and you will be happy." Is that it?

The better plan is to own everything outright and owe no one anything that can't be paid in 30 days.

I have owned my very spacious house outright in New England for ~ 10 years, paying off a 30 yr mortgage in 15 yrs by paying down added principal each month. I own all 6 of my cars (4 of them muscle car classics), I use them in my business so repairs made to them (alot cheaper that made to EV's - that's for sure) are business expenses.

My wife and I had 4 kids - all put through college, and each are gainfully employed with their own families, so I am not underwriting any of them them or putting them up in my finished basement.

I pay credit cards in full each month.

My wife is my business partner and we eat out ~ twice a week.

Paying down debt promptly, disciplined spending, and owe no one anything = freedom.

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Such a foundational book to your thinking it is that you neither name the book, its author, nor quote directly from it. How about you just go spit on your own balls.

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Make a stupid posting, and ask a stupid question. Trying for three?

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Interesting, you say? You must mean, completely off topic.

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Kari Lake's case re: signature verification by AZ Supeme Court gets heard Sept 21 - 25

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"Marburg" virus. Interesting name selection. This link is to the "PrussiaGate" substack wherein this blogger ably draws a close connection to the German banking houses situated in Marburg Germany and to the formation of the what became the Federal Reserve which was modelled after the German banking structures. The "Marburg Plan" was used to model the League of Nations and subsequently the United Nations.


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Epoch Times claims to have viewed and digested 10's of thousands of hours from the J6 video dump. They said this would be available August 11. It may only be available to subscribers. Sounds like there is some very revealing stuff in there. Don't know why the videos haven't received more exposure, unless Epoch Times fancy nthemselves to be the paywall gatekeepers.

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Instead of just spamming a link to something that may or may not be worth any readers' time to consider, how about you take the time and make the effort to expound on what you think you understand about this link, and quote from relevant parts of it that you think support your case.

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"In fact the original Greek describes the mark as a prick under the skin, later translated as a cattle mark or branding."

Needs sauce, not just your unsourced opinion.

"We must also understand that it doesn’t have to be a mark as a visual sign or actual symbol on the body."

The books of the New Testament which were written in Greek were written in Koine Greek. Koine uses specific words in order to communicate specific meanings.

John saw the mark and described it as a first-person witness to the vision.

If that's not good enough for you, I'll let that speak for itself.

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"Well when you consider the book of revelation is symbolic and that your thoughts and actions represent your right hand and forehead, then you start to see it. It's biblically sound to have this understanding."

Proper wisdom applied to interpreting Revelation is to understand this portion of Scripture in both its literal and figurative sense.

John was inspired by the Holy Spirit to furnish a literal first hand account of the vision he witnessed and to report what he saw accurately. Revelation has many figurative interpretations, but the account thereof is meant to be read straight-forwardly and to make Scripturally sound interpretations of the symbolism which is present in the vision.

There are many Scripturally based and honestly approached interpretations of the reading of Revelation. Interpretations are often based on whether the reader is inclined towards a pre-, post-, or amillenial interpretation of the Great tribulation and the Rapture event.

You are free to expand your interpretation of the vision if done so Scripturally and with a pure heart. You are not free to stand in judgement of interpretations of those who have also appoached the reading of Revelation Scripturally and with a pure heart.

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The mark of the beast is an identifier, and intended to be seen. The Scripture describes several spiritual centers among which are the mind (brain -- rationality), the heart (emotive spiritual expression) and the "reins" (kidneys -- mid-body sense of well-being Ps 16, Ps. 139; "bowels of mercies: Col. 3, etc).

I would read the Scripture and interpret it simply and straight-forwardly rather than esoterically on this mark of the beast thing. Too many people whose Christian faith I am reasonably certain of fell for the vackz non-sense and have sadly suffered physically in this life for it. They have not invited condemnation to themselves, as the gift of salvation once received as God has promised is not something to be revoked (Jn 6:37).

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I am a "pureblood." The exprimental gene thereapy forced upon the populace during the phoney pandemic was an atrocity of global magnitude.

That said if you are going to be Scriptirally consistent with your theory that the vackz was the mark of the beast, you need to follow through on what the Bible says was the method by which administration of the mark of the beast takes place, namely, a "mark" physically affixed either to one's hand or to one's forehead.

No CV-19 vackzes were administered to the back of one's hand or to one's forehead. On this point the assertion that the vackz was the mark of the beast fails this essential Scriptural description.

by JFQ17
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President-King is not a bad read. But it is not new. Makes some good points but I don't consider Reagan to have been a bad actor, himself, nor do I consider Rumsfeld to have necessarily been a bad actor either. Recall on 9/10, he appeared ready to blow the lid on the missing/mis-appropriated military $$ - then 9/11 happened and Congress couldn't throw enough $$ at the WOT. Now, Cheney, on the other hand .... This was written almost 2 years ago in its original form, so it is kind of a re-tread.

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"My sibling’s fruit is all bastard grandchildren. Gov school ed brought morally bankrupt brokenness. "

The kids you describe as "bastards" were bastards before they ever set foot in any school. Sounds like the parents suffer from "morally bankrupt brokenness", regardless of what school either they or their kids attend.

I attended public schools and private Christian schools. There were literally bastard children who attended both institutions. Neither institution made them the bastards they were at birth.

Whatever school you choose to attend does not define what may be your inherent state of having been conceived by one's parents out-of-wedlock.

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