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Do you have a timestamp? I'm not watching an hour with this fucking creep.

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The left can't meme. Get outta here.

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It's done. Climate change is coming. Ukraine is defeated, who knows who the fuck the Russians are fighting there. Watch the russian TV show "The Blackout". It's done and Israel is saved for last. Endtimes, frens, and a new beginning. Enjoy the show.

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Same here. Told'em our german traitors should be prosecuted and they should hang for treason. Gone in a minute... No desire to go back there.

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No mentioning of Kissinger in the drops. Not one. I was perplex.

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I printed this, and I will hand this out to my children. They are not native english speakers, but they'll have to learn what's in here. Ty for posting, fren.

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This whole ramped up climate change talk lately led me to the following thought: they see the tides are turning, these are comms, they know what's happening to them. We are in a late stage of the war. They call for measures against climate change, but it's not the climate that controls the meteorological conditions on earth, it's the climate of the fuckers that controlled the fate of mankind for far too long.

Prepare for some bullshit habbening in the near future. They call for measures, I pray countermeasures are in place. I think it's getting ugly, soon. Time's up.

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Clownworld. I'm tired from that shit (oops), frens. I never thought I get weary, but I am atm. It will pass, but it's one of these days.

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