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I believe that story about Mary Magdalene to be utter BS. The men didn’t want Jesus favoring a woman over them. So they trashed her rep.

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EXACTLY. Nada. They’re all full of shit = pseudoscience. That goes for “peer reviewed” BS. Todays college grads are mostly idiots. I gotta stop…my BP is climbing.

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I sent a second DM. Check your Reply list…click the bell icon upper RH screen.

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I hear you in stereo. Keep the faith…I believe we will come back to glory. It’s a thin hope, but I’ve prayed hard on it. I’m going to try to DM you, I just got an email that’s not posted yet on this guy’s Substack but it’s worth a read. It may end up on his Substack & if it does I’ll make a post on it here @ GAW. -Peace

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Great job red-pilling your friend!! I know, it’s bad. You can tie increased and younger dementia & Alzheimer's patients to it as well with all the aluminum particulates we ingest. It infuriates me so bad after all my years defending our Republic to the best I knew how, to watch it and the world get destroyed. I point it out to whomever I’m with, to gauge their reactions. The cabal can walk right over us as 80-90% of the populace is an NPC IMO. I also read a report stating some droughts occur globally in areas not sprayed because water vapor gets sucked in to the areas they do spray. Crops and micro environments like the fungal networks to the water supplies…damaged. As kids I recall thinking why do we pollute our environment so recklessly, well at least the EPA is watching out?! The government is an absolute failure and anyone expecting them to fix anything…same government broke it in the first place. Nowadays they don’t even try hiding it. Chemtrails…IN YOUR FACE. We were trained to trust the government as children and now there’s not one sector of society that’s not wrecked by the cabal. Every bit intentional and I pity the young generations.

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Wow, looks fascinating!! I love finding truths in the ancient history realm. I live on spooky tribal Cherokee land now, and have friends both in a few of the east and west coast tribes. All history gets tarnished and erased and the cabal is directly responsible. I’ll keep the rant short, but anyway peace Sister!

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The timestamp does it for me. 👍🏻

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Top-notch post, massive effort. TY 🙏🏻

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Cool topics & not woowoo AT ALL. 😎👍🏻

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I did a post here about 1-1/2 - 2 years ago about chemtrails. It referenced geoengineeringwatch.com . I was in aviation/aerospace for over 30 years, and actually inspected a couple aircraft with tanks, nozzles and the plumbing. One 🤡 told me to post it on conspiracies.win. I got hammered for it & didn’t post much after that. I was also berated for taking part in the inspection and even that I was just making it all up?!! Whatever, just tried to help enlighten.

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Whoa!! Memories 👍🏻

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