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They’d be smart to do that, because there are plenty of faggot simps even on our side that have already lobotomized themselves on her behalf.

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Well back 500 years ago they could be open about their feudal system. They have had to disguise it for longer than they’d like.

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I’m thinking more along the lines of number 2. They got sucked into a degenerate lifestyle of debauchery and got manipulated into cutting off their wieners. The odds of two brothers legitimately having gender dysphasia? Astronomical.

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Does it really matter, though? If a medicine man knew a certain leaf or berry would cure an illness, maybe he has a story that it's blessed by the Earth Mother or what not. Does it matter? He saw that it works, he remembers that it works, and he uses it.

I make this point about acupuncture all the time. It works for me. I don’t think it works how Asian medicine says it works. But I don’t really care.

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They both have the same taste: for penis.

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Oh boy yes. Sleep eating for sure. I quit it when I realized I was blacking out and driving my car. It all went down the toilet that day.

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