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YES! Outlaws!

How the fucc did I forget them but remember one as forgettable as Molly Hatchet?

Maybe cuz Dave Lubecks trash 64 Corvette was in my shop every freaking week!

I actually considered paying someone to steal it and wreck it just so I'd never have to see it again, lol.

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Oh man, I left out some of the best!

All I can say is just don't get OLD! Memory is definitely fading.

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Cool! I remember seeing some of their telethons, I can't remember what time period that would have been though. I still live in Jax, almost 60 years now.

A lot of good bands seem to have come from here and Florida in general, Southern Rock anyway, Molly Hatchet, 38 Special, Little Creek Band and so many more.

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Even a year or so ago I would have agreed with you.

But with what we have seen happening internally with American Armed Forces I am no longer convinced. And you have no idea how painful it is for me to actually say that out loud, but it is true.

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By claiming it would also make it (impossibly) hard for "legal citizens" to vote as well. Which is total BS.

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Billy Powell, keyboardist from the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band. He survived the plane crash in 1977.

I knew a lot of those guys, cuz I worked on all their cars, built Hot Rods for a few of them.

Fond memories, good people, Great Times!

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Wether it's Krookid Joe, Kacklin K, Big Mike or the bitch that Satan himself is scared shitless of I would bet my life that oDumberer will end up either as the running mate VP, or slid into the spot through some nefarious acrobatics quickly after.

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God I SO hope this is true!

And Accurate.

I Pray for our Presidents well being every single day. All Day.

Without the Trumpster I'm afraid America is finished.

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Ludacris and shameful. No word salad can make any of this make sense, except perhaps "severe mental illness"

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Dare you to say that to Dan's face!

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Dan is always the first one to tell you his show "is not for everyone". No hard feelings. If you don't like it, leave.

And please don't post with suggestions how he can improve for a wider audience. Just leave.

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I agree 💯,, especially the discussion warning!

I pray daily that none of this happens to our President or to Us.

My outlook swings on an incredibly large arc these days.

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And then, anytime it's requested going forward. These folks have given themselves a license to steal and they feel NO guilt or shame in using it! None at all.

On top of that, they shame "us" for having the audacity to question them!

When I think about our Veterans, the homeless and our poor, and how different this whole country could be if it weren't for just a few thousand thieves and very selfish people, well, best to not even go there, at least not in Public.

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