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It certainly would end this "life long political service" BS they created.

Most "service" positions are well paid, they have to be. Plus the many "benefits" always included. What these folks do is illegal and always has been.

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AMEN!!! Thank You Lord God for answering our prayers.

In Jesus Mighty Name!

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We must assume that everyone and their dog now has those records.

But most importantly the people that paid lil'joe for those records, now possess those records. And many, many more.

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All of these A-Holes need to be forced in to one state or region right alongside all of the illegal invaders they love so much and left to fend for themselves.

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Haven't used goog-le in many years except all others use scrapings from them, would love to have another decent option that can stand on it's own! F*ck goog-le.

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Someone set up one of those source funding acct. for people to donate to help him pay it so he can appeal it.

I did but I didn't save the link. I will see if i can find it.

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