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There have been a few statements and videos of doctors seeing a huge increase in cancers at their clinic - i forget the video about a week or two ago but the guy said one type of cancer he was seeing had a 20x increase since last year.

Destroying the T cells and immune system with inflammation will be causing a multitude of effects - all hard to attribute to the source jab. by design of course.

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Plants. Drinking water. Whatever aerosol sprayers they used to infect the wet market, the military games in oct 2019, the white house Amy Barrett nonination presser, and who knows what else has been targeted?

When is justice going to come for this madness?

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First make them famous.

Everyone on the planet should know 'the plan' involves killing off 7 billion people.

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Mail in ballots to be counted over next few days.

....so you never know.

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Rebel news will be only ones covering it too. Which is why they kept harassing and even arresting their reporters. Well keene is not with Rebel I think but still.

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Fight legally for every step. Any wins also sets new legal precedents that other cases can use.

Everything that is hqppening is illegal in most countries. Rallies are nice. But millions of people filing lawsuits and challenges will have more impact.

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Site claimed to be big group of secret types all Trump supporters working to help the Q movement. Latched on the the book meme written 100 years ago by author of same name about a time travelling Baron Trump.

Then grifted off it.

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Heard major hurricane planned for a week to 10 days from now hitting the east coast.

Been lots of worldwide volcanic activity too recently.

HAARP? Timed to wash over the audit reveal?

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3 key people who were against setting up the Fed were on the ship. Astor was one. Several people also bailed at the last minute.

Very soon after the Federal reserve was started with key opposition now dead.

Also insurance fraud on the two ships. The Olympia was apparently a write off and owner was set to lose big.

Speaking of central banks at the time. Look at Russian Tsar Nicolas. Around 1904? Refused to allow the roths to buy up their banks. Soon after commie revolt amd put to death. Millions dead.


Always look at central banks.

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Ebola. Monkey pox. And several dozen other things probably.

Been multiple Ebola outbreaks all summer in various places. Measles and monkeypox riding in on illegals.

Covid was just the prep work.

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Trudy has had Rebel reporters arrested, intimidated, and harrassed physically and financially. They are the ONLY news org asking real questions in Canada so they are demonized just like a 3rd world dictator would. Basically every other news is on the same page as CNN....so most people are not even aware of whats going on or how bad it is. He has so many skeletons in his closet he would have been run out of office years ago with any kind of real investigations.

They are bragging about sending out mass mail in votes this time because of the coof. If he gets his majority Canada will be the next Austrailia.

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Option to buy 400 million. As per their own website last week.

Will need many per year to stau 'vaccinated

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13x better. And 27x 'less hospitalizations.

'May be better'.


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Force them to fire you, then sue or join class action lawsuits.

Quitting forces you to prove things after the fact for something you chose. While them firing for something illegal, (and it sounds like there will be court challenges for the 'approval' that bypassed testing and public comment requirements) - forces the responsibility onto them.

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Why do you think they are pushing robots, automation, and AI so hard?

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Psyop interview.

"Former spooks(i.e still current spooks) that helped bring this situation to a head further paint the US as weak so their 'Asian' and middle eastern masters can gain more ground on world stage"

This wasnt an accident or incompetence - it was planned (Obama released the leader from Gitmo in 2014 after all) They closed Bagram airbase early? so they had no runways to work with. Ignored any rational decisions a 10 yr old could have thought of....that can only happen with planning. and...left billions in weapons behind and as Monkeywerx points out - opens up the land to Pakistan and its nukes - giving a rapid rise of nuke armed terrorists to point at western nations. (kind of like No-Name was planning yes?)

It provides a new 20 year terror threat, empowers moves against Taiwan, and a dozen other moves that will happen in light of a weak US military. The list goes on.

Dont let spooks call it incompetence.

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Thanks for the post.

New horrors hadnt realized yet....

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Until Trudy calls a snap election this sunday amd mail in ballot cheats his way to a majority.

Then the real hammer drops.

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Yes he is controlled opposition.

A lot of what he says is true however, but he is such a clown about it that it gets dismissed by normies as crazy (planned). Then directs people away at key points from real people and information that should be looked at.

You can still learn things from a shill just have to use discernment and look for deception being mixed in.

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It is a world war of information and fraud.

Mike Lindell and his people are at the tip of a very big battle.

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