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Tracy Beans explains it - Excellent news:


For those of you who may be new to this, CISA, the Surgeon General, the White House, the FBI and the CDC are BARRED from communicating with social media platforms for the purposes of censorship of any kind. The original 5th opinion omitted CISA - the states appealed and this is the NEW decision, including them.

You’ll need to go to my pinned thread ASAP and read through. This is the most important civil liberties case in our lifetimes.

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Correct - they did laugh. So did Germany at the UN meeting.

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I remember it being talked about yes, but don't remember the flyers or the steps it would take..

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Update 21

Matt Gaetz has filed a motion to vacate.

Here we goooooo


Breaking! @freedomcaucus chairman @RepScottPerry publicly acknowledges that @SpeakerMcCarthy will likely not survive beyond Nov 14. This puts another ~40 members of the House Republican Conference behind the efforts of @RepMattGaetz to vacate Kevin and fundamentally body check the uniparty.


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OKAY - I will be the one to say it. This debt clock thing is a HOAX.

There - I feel better now.

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Computershare takes $25.00 per transaction plus .12 cents per stock when you sell.

If you have it set up on a ACH bank wire it's about 2-3 days. Other wise they mail you a check which is about 7-10 days. I just spoke with them yesterday on this very subject.

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I don't much about the guy - saw this full interview and thought it was pretty good. But not 100% sure on his background besides him being some kind of Math teacher.

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