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Congrats! Im currently struggling with this decision myself. Big tech pays the bills and then some, looking to escape this blue state in favor for a smaller company in a red state. Just need to get finances in order.

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Bingo. History tells us just how many people will go along with killing each other. Masks are part of that conditioning.

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Useful idiots who will now be thrown to the curb. They did the job that was required, feels like voter fraud is so far normalized now that they wont even need blm in 2024.

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One of my favorite movies growing up was "The Burbs" starring Tom Hanks. They took the idea of santinists who live next door and are suspected of human sacrifice. Its a comedy! So its dealing with this heinous subject matter and they frame it as a outrageous fictional comedy. Very effective in cementing the notion that such evil is fictional. Same tactic is being done here.

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Holy shit, I served under this guy. My unit was assigned to 2nd brigade combat team. I wore my 10th mtn division hat to the store today (no mask)

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Will take the red pills where we can get them. Feels like this last year there has been a big push to fiminize black males to a crazy degree. See lil naz and Todrick or even the fairy god "mother" in the new Cinderella movie disney is putting out.

Curious to see how this plays out as mainstream now moves to target the black community more in an effort to shame them into vax compliance.