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Wow, panic indeed, blatantly!

Here's the archive on Way Back Machine for anyone interested:


Edit: Link is from 2016, latest that doesn't redirect. The most recent is 2020 but it forwards to the yoga page too.

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Mum wants to see her mum. You'd like to see your mum. Don't present her with a bunch of things, just tell her you love her and don't want to see her potentially put herself at risk over the vaccine.

In the end though, if she wants to see her mum and that's the only way...

Heck, if my mum was still alive, I think I'd consider getting the vax to see her for what may be one last time.

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I didn't watch the video but something Dave on X22 makes me wonder about...

He mentions with some regularity about a new test out in December and it'll show it's been the flu all along loosely implying game over.

I believe a new test, but don't believe it will be any better for humanity.

Regardless, I've had one test my Dr requested before prescribing me an antibiotic for my almost seasonal sore throat last year. That will also be my last.

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Yet while so many are brain washed on an opposite spectrum.

Yep, nothing says successful daughter party like putting potentially up to 85% of attendees at unease right off the bat.

Look, like the comment or not but there's no call to sling brainwashed insults. We're all frickin brainwashed, dingbat.

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Reminds me of the final episode of Seinfeld where they were all charged with violating the good Samaritan law after standing by videoing a robbery and poking fun at the victim.

Also reminds me of The Accused with Jodie Foster. I think they ended up also charging bystanders but they were egging it on.

It's possible the incident happened in a tunnel, I know when I used to ride DC subway pretty much anything underground was zero signal.

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I'm not saying your plan is good or bad, but just going point out two things you said:

"Today is about my daughter and I want everyone to have a good time"

"85% of the people are what I guess you could call "pro vaccine." Also ranging from "orange man super bad," to "I don't like him he's a dickhead" as far as PDJT is concerned"

If it's truly about your daughter, don't have anything out other than what you normally have. No red pilling no matter how subtle. You're at risk of making up to 85% percent of parents uncomfortable/upset to the point of leaving, which would most likely be with their child. Plus also may not allow their child to play with your daughter anymore. There are times and places for this, but I don't think this is one.

God bless, hope the party's smashing and a good time had by all!

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I doubt the ships are apprised of the actual situation, especially if it is this EO scenario.

And, I don't think a captain can just choose to turn around back to home port. They're not just toting goods around out of good will, they're, the shipping company thus the captains employer, being paid to deliver goods and most likely under contract. They may not even have enough fuel to make a return trip home especially loaded. I highly suspect Mr but that's just me, you'd be out of a job!

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We're all living in a fantasy world, don't you get the whole point of exposing the DS?

Well sir, I as a Virginian will make sure Hageman doesn't get my vote!

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Well, it's not like it was announced so companies are like Okay, better not send ships over. And, we're talking about ships delivering goods to a specific port. They don't get there and be like Screw this, I'm not waiting. Let's just turn around and go home...

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I started watching the video but didn't get too far past Stew calling out Trump for willy nilly handing out endorsements.

I don't this is the case at all, Trump is not that careless. There are MANY MANY facets to this whole thing with many cards to be played before throwing the Trump. Not all plays will appear to be desirable on the cover. I trust Trump over Stew...

God, Trump/Q/The Plan, this is the way frens don't get distracted by those in sheep's clothing.

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One sure fire way to go from just a ticket to an arrest...

This is something he should bring up in court, not with an officer.

I've seen this video before, guy is just being uncooperative and argumentative IMO, and I repeat my 2nd sentence.

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Buying a share of DWAC is the best contribution you can make to Patriots/Democracy/Etc etc

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This, I was going to say I think this may be a stretch, being "de-barked". Have you ever heard a dog that's had it's vocals clipped?

I'd rather hear barking...

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Yes, NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose!

I'll just say for me, I'm no newb to stocks but no stockologist either. I ended up doing market orders on my DWAC/W as I kept missing out on limit orders.

While you may get jacked on a market order, it also ensures you get in once you submit the order, where a limit may get surpassed and you'll have to edit or cancel/re-submit. Here's a good expansion on one vs the other:


I was happy with getting 10 DWAC at $17.765

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I have an account with E*Trade and IBKR(Interactive Brokers)

I ended up buying DWAC & DWACW in my E*Trade only because I had a bunch of odds and ends of stocks I'd picked up that were doing little to nothing so I sold them to buy the DWAC/W.

I'd say the E*Trade is a little easier for beginners, and IBKR is good for those looking to get more in-depth.

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I wouldn't worry about, 1. It's a learning curve, 2. It's a new stock, first couple of days is nothing to judge by, 3. Regardless, you're helping the Trump Train locomotive over the DS/CB!

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I ended up doing market after a couple limit attempts and got in at $17.765

For first timers is going to be much easier to do market orders, especially with a quickly changing stock.

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Jab administers should warm up/practice by getting some thumb wrestling matches going before hand.

I knew there was more to it than just being a poisonous vaccine...

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Yes, this just doesn't make sense at 78 years old!

I could see 79, but come on man, 78?! No way he's showing signs of dementia and other symptoms of age degradation...

I'm going to go with he's one of the hundreds of millions of non-military kek kek

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If that were real I'd so buy it! All my fav moments on one tape? What?! I'm sold...

Funny stuff, good find!

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So... I don't get the angle here. If HRC is behind this, is this a warning to L&W to keep Sussman quiet about HRC/DNC by killing one of their attorney's wife?

A pre-emptive warning not to cross HRC/DNC?

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