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In one of the q proof videos that quote Was tied to trumps appointment to the treasury and her last name was gold. The post happened then a short time latter trump made the appointment. Are there any other proofs around gold.

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I did it 1 v 7 last night at a restaurant.

First don't argue the facts they "think" are impenetrable. I listened to their thoughts and then realised how they make up their minds. Emotion, great, that I can work with. First I come out quite forceful not aggressive but upset / mad and frustrated.

I then made them aware that for the first time in in like 50 years extreme poverty has risen and risen a lot since the start of covid 125million more people are now in extreme poverty and it rising fast. About 10000 children CHILDREN are dying a day. Then I turn it on them I say a people don't give a shit because of a 0.002 chance they might die. More people by an order of magnitude great have and will die than compared to covid. If they really cared about saving lives they would take the risk and open up the world to start getting aid, food and help back to these places around the world.

There was a lot more convo but this shut down all their self righteous we are helping the world bullshit.

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In this case Biden.

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You always should demand results or we will right back here every time. No more excuses less talk more action. Vernon is all talk. Wendy seems good but demand results.

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I think people are right but I don’t know what Mossad agenda is. If he is Mossad is that all bad, some what bad or all bad.

What is Mossad plan what is the game paan. Do they have white hats and black hats. I have no idea who is and who isn’t a hero in this movement. Time will tell.

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I have heard that there is a similar battle in China for hearts and minds. White hats vs black hats. Media pushes a very harmonious china I doubt thats the case there will always be those that fight and dissent. Its hard to read people and engage in the culture if you don't speak the language. I just keep an open mind on China. They did welcome Trump when he visited.

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I get it mate a lot we don’t know the Trump approval is the hardest part of this whole trust then plan idea. I get that if he didn’t come out for it the media they would have made every anti vaccine thought his fault and have pinned every anti vaccine death on him it would be wall to wall and the only thing the normmies would think is trump and his people are dumb because he is dumb.

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Don't repost this there in no enough data yet to show that this is the vaccine. The CDC has been sneaky in classifying people who have had the vaccine in within 2 weeks after their second dose as unvaccinated. This give the media the ability to report 80%+ percent are unvaccinated in hospital. Until we see the real numbers how many had 1 dose how many had 2 but before 2 weeks reposting this will give the sheep an easy slam dunk they feel all smug about.

by Vidura
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She is referring to refugees. Remove this post make us looks like we don’t fact checking things.

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Look if niki can wake people up that’s cool I have no problems with anyone waking anyone up. I have problem with wolves in sheep’s clothing. We are awake and the only way to say that way is by demanding receipts and actions. If he is a church saying a pray it dam we’ll better be to Jesus or he can get out and stick to other events and venues.

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Ok happy if it is. Then what was he talking about. I have never heard of 7 fold rays.

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Thats what I thought. Not cool if it is. If he is in some trippy new age crap let's find out now rather than later.

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Gold and Silver are to Fiat and Bitcoin What paper ballots and ID are to electronic voting and mail in.

Not as convenient but harder to cheat.

Even if bitcoins block chain is secure and with out knowledge of further computer capabilities we don’t know it is. The exchanges are not secure the government just need to control the exchanges to control the price of Bitcoin.

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Its been vandalised many times they always repair them.

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