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Yes, it is - and eventually it will swing just as far right, and we will be turned into the enemy all over again and finally turned into the Nazis the left has always tried to make us out to be.

Either literally, or the world will finally be convinced of it despite the Truth. And we will be targeted, just as the left is going to be soon.

This is why the only path to save humanity is to ignore the opposing sides and walk the hidden third path of love, light, and Truth.

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My guy, facts? You're both wrong lol

We don't "win" anything by getting angry or sewing division.

Love is the only way.

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Do you use MMS/Chlorine Dioxide? If not, I highly recommend watching this documentary

The Universal Antidote

by M-I-vet
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Look again? You posted a computer animation lol

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So unbelievably fake lol. Just listen to the Academy Award Winning dialogue and acting chops on these traitors.

"Did you see that?" "Oh my Lord! Oh my Lord! Oh my Lord!"

These people are pathetic

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Doesn't seem like a good thing, eh? Especially when the word "cipher" originally meant "zero" or "nothing" before the newer definition of "coded message" was added. Cipher is a coded message, alright.

"No truth here," that's what the encoded message says to me. Definitely don't want that to be the case, but that's what seems more likely to me at this point in time.

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No, not when Team Trump uses it, then this community applauds every bit of it xD

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Demons live here on the earthly plane with us. Demons are evil spirits who hate God and wish to corrupt humanity into becoming Godless heathens.

Aliens are physical entities from "outer space" and could technically be anything according to science-fiction.

Alien technology is military technology. The fake alien invasion will be used to usher in a new era of demon worship.

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No, you're incorrect in your assertion. I don't believe the worst. I believe what Truth dictates.

If you want to "hope" for the best, please carry on living in your ignorant fantasy world.

If you can ignore Meat Loaf flashing devil horns and the one eye symbolism as he was instructed to, as all celebrities are instructed to, then you aren't much of a free thinker at all. It doesn't matter if Meat Loaf hated being a part of it or not: he was a part of it.

For some reason you still don't understand how bad our problem is. There are no good guys in Hollywood. Only actors, playing their parts.

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No, that's not true at all. Saying that all controlled people have to do the same thing is silly. That's the entire purpose of the enemy's strategy: to infect all walks of life, all types of people, all opinions and stances.

Meat Loaf, along with every other celebrity, are all complicit to varying degrees in the same system of control. If you still think there are honest people in Hollywood, then I'm sorry you're still that indoctrinated.

Celebrities are not your friends, none of them. Sure, maybe some have a clearer conscience than others, but none of them are truly free. They're all controlled in some way. Otherwise they wouldn't have been given fame and fortune to begin with.

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You cannot become famous like Meat Loaf without selling your soul.


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Maybe you should be talking with your son this hard instead of a bunch of strangers on a Q message board, hm?

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My guy... I'm not even going to read this barrage of insults.

You just said that "water tension" = "curvature"

You are retarded and most likely an actual troll on this subject.

I have nothing to prove to someone who goes out of his way to harass people he disagrees with. Enjoy being part of the problem.

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My guy, lol. "Gravity" is the glober response to everything.

The Theory of Gravity is exactly that... a theory. It's never been proven. You do understand what a "theory" is, right?

But please, continue explaining to me how "theory" means proven fact. Your indoctrination really is quite amusing.

Gravity is just another capital G replacement for God. No on knows how gravity works. No one can decide between Newtonian vs Einsteinian. 96% of it is dark energy, though. We know that, because otherwise it can't exist. Even though dark energy has never been seen or witnessed or measured, ever.

But yeah, please keep telling me how I'm the one who believes in nonsense, lol

Earth is measurably flat, level, and stationary. Sorry, guy. We've all been lied to. And you're part of the wrong team, because your team doesn't allow for free discussion or sharing of information.

Why don't you go ahead and show me a picture of water that curves at its surface. If the earth is a globe, that should be documented, right? The sphericity of our world ocean? Yeah?

I'll be waiting.

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What keeps the infinite vacuum of space from sucking all the air out of the atmosphere?

Clearly we live in a container of some sort. And unfortunately, just mentioning this is enough grounds for me to potentially get banned on this website. So. Yeah.

If you wanna talk, please feel free to DM.

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Elon is a fraud. So was Tesla.

Mars is a light in the sky. Space is water. Sorry, friends.

The deception goes much deeper than most on this board are willing to discuss.

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Fast for 3 days.

No food, 72 hours.

I promise, you will break your addiction.

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Congrats, friend! Don't blame yourself because a woman saw a real Man and Leader for the first time! You rock <3

It's okay, I lost my Dad and Brother this same week for the same reason. We're all suffering immensely over the losses of family and friends.

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I sent you a DM friend, an important one. Please read it? I have a Truth to tell you that I know you're searching for, okay? I need to share it with someone and I believe God intended it to be you, for reasons I'm happy to explain once we talk.

Thank you <3

by 369Q
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The fact that it's Phoenician in origin only confirms your eye theory being correct, in my opinion.

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Why would you assume others wouldn't be interested in paying a yearly fee? Are you the only person with an income who likes doing research?

Thanks for sharing the information, but please be a real ally and share a link or information on where to view this same presentation rather than saying "uh, no, you don't need to see it, just trust me, okay?"

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