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I'm sorry you receive hate, friend. There's nothing wrong with venting or offering a different perspective. It's terrible that this community thinks otherwise.

Things look really bad now, you have every right to feel concerned. Some people just can't see past their own egos, so they choose to be mean instead of compassionate. It's a terrible thing to see.

by quinoa
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The way numerology works is that you add all the numbers together and reduce down to a single digit. You don't always have to reduce down to one digit, because other numbers hold certain powers (11, 33, 666, etc.), but that's the general principle.

If you're multiplying, you have a problem lol

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Fren, can you elaborate on where your idea of 6 arrests comes from? A Q post?

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We didn't go to the moon, that's for sure.

This is what's always made me skeptical when it comes to the people who claim to know of life on other planets, other alien races, the galactic federation, etc.

But what I've also continued to learn through my research is that the people who claim this sort of stuff don't believe we can reach those points from flying in space (which isn't real). They talk about there being gates/portals under the earth in these DUMB's that can transport you to these other locations (which aren't UP in space, but AROUND us further out south on the earthly plane).

This is definitely on the end of the "hard to believe" spectrum, but if I've learned anything over the past two years, it's that literally anything is possible and this isn't far out of line from other things I know to be true.

I'm not sure if Max Spiers is legit, but he offered a lot of wonderful information while he was alive (before the cabal killed him).

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He grew up a billionaire and every one of his companies was swiped away from someone else who started it, including Tesla. Elon is just a pawn pushing their transhumanism agenda, trying to convince kids on Joe Rogan that it'd be cool if he put a chip in their brain.

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Agreed completely. Musk is a traitor to humanity. A phony who took no part in building any of "his" companies.

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That's a nice way to confuse and explain away the words that literally came out of his mouth.

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Tartaria is a fascinating discovery. Truly unbelievable to know that all of this physical evidence of an undiscussed empire exists all around us. After you lift this veil, the world becomes a completely different place. I've never loved God and the earth as much as I have after learning the true nature of our realm.

I hope we can fully piece this puzzle together one day. Was the world unified under the Tartarian banner? Was Tartaria here a hundred and fifty years ago or were their structures buried in a previous ice age and discovered in the modern era?

There's still so much to learn.

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Really happy to see another pede on here who isn't lost in space suckling on NASA's limp dick.

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I've had the thought that when they talk about the beta for Truth Social, it's more so a beta of what it's like to experience freedom again. We all get some time to show the world how great free thought is again. People catch on. Open their minds. Experience joy again through TRUE information.

Then when the "full launch" happens in Q1... that "full launch" will be a launch of our military forces to take this country back.

Hopefully waiting for the 1 year anniversary of 1/20.

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Dude, you keep calling me a dumb shit, but my post didn't get removed lol

Maybe you should verify the things you claim before you claim them?

If you weren't acting like a faggot with a dick up his ass, we could have actually had a conversation about this, but you came out of the gate swinging with your pompous and self-righteous ego.

My entire point with the planes is "do not trust the mainstream narrative."


That includes volcanoes.

Do I have ALL the answers? No, of course not. I would never claim to. But I do have some of them. And despite what you think, there is a -lot- of evidence out there to suggest that "volcanoes" are manmade structures to hide evidence of foul play committed against us by the Cabal over the past few thousand years.

I hate to break it to you, chief, but you don't know everything. People believe they're spinning on a globe even though there's zero proof of it.

I'm not going to reply to you any longer. I don't appreciate how rude, aggressive, and inconsiderate you are. This isn't how you have conversations with people. This is how liberals behave. I thought we were better than this.

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Wow, what a violent and maniacal reaction.

Cool story, bro. Glad you have it all figured out. And planes took down the towers, too. But not building 7! Remember, that one came down because of an office kitchen fire.

There couldn't possibly be other explanations for these very real occurrences. Let's just believe what the government tells us! :)

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Volcanoes are not real. Yes, they are setting off explosives.

Lava comes from lava tubes in the ground. Not pointy mountains that shoot it up and out.

We only see erupting volcanoes in movies. News reports use scale and perspective to mislead you, as well as set off artificial explosions that at first glance seems like shooting lava, but under closer examination reveals itself to be glowing hot rocks spraying into the air. Not lava.

Step 1: Zoom out and show an explosion

Step 2: Zoom in on close up of flowing lava at ground level, which didn't come from a volcano

Why do you think everyone builds volcanoes in school growing up?

More mind control and indoctrination from our wonderfully kind overlords.

Lava is naturally occurring and formed from the electrical energies of our earth, melting rock from the extreme heats. That's why they form lava tubes, like veins along the earth's surface.

It does not come from a molten core at the center of earth. It is impossible to have a molten magnetic core, as well. Magnets lose their magnetism once heated up to a certain degree.

So much about this deception still to learn. Thank our controllers for giving us SO much to research beyond the indoctrination textbooks in school!

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And meanwhile we all sit on here and do nothing.

Hoping for the best.

But what if we're about to experience the worst?

We really need to start joining heads and working on solutions that don't involve waiting for someone to save us.

Why does this board not encourage user collaboration projects that we could all share input on?

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Because for whatever reason, we have enough Good in our hearts to be able to see the Truth.

Friend, there are more veils to be lifted. You're right. I don't want to red pill you on things you may not be ready to hear, but please... send me a DM if you want to have a conversation. I'd love to chat further about this and help you open your eyes even more, if you're willing to hear new information.

I was an Atheist for nearly my entire life, up until my journey toward Truth led me to not believe, but KNOW that God is real. That Satan is real. That there's so much more to this realm than we ever thought possible.

I'd love to chat with another Good-hearted person. I really don't have anyone anymore, so the conversation would be very welcome.

Best wishes, fren. God be with you. <3

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Great research, but definitely not white hats.

Rockstar makes video games that specifically encourage and promote the darkest and most unhealthy of lifestyles. They're without question responsible for a lot of the mayhem that criminals and mentally ill people have taken part in over the past couple decades.

Remember that there is no left and there is no right. They're both arms of the same monster. The fact that liberals hate GTA means nothing.

And the monster believes "if we tell them the truth, we won't suffer karmic debt when we commit these crimes."

Video games are another truth delivery system. That's all. Most other games and movies do the same thing, there are just way more avenues for GTA to share this sort of information because that's the game it was designed to be: satire of our real world.

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Yes, this. One of Dave's cousins released a long audio recording talking about how Dave was killed when he went to Africa and that this new version is a replacement.

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