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Hillsdale College is what he is talking about that does the right education. It's an extremely hard college to get into and very conservative people graduate from there in Michigan because they let people in based on education and interviews.

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People just need to embrace it and Age gracefully . There are young people that dye their hair white and grey... just embrace what God gives you for your hair color no matter the age.

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Some deep dives I found helpful was to follow the wives. Looked at a certain politicians wife and her connections.

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Dems crossed over to Republican to vote Nikki because TDS.

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Big Data pollster predicts 75% Trump vs 25% Haley. Not as many Dems crossing over. Many voted uncommitted as protest to Biden’s pro Israel stance

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On another note; Big drills yesterday on the Michigan Health Alert Network. Included regions 7, 6 and 5. They ran it as a coordinated terror attack on multiple major tourist areas as well as reporting secondary devices at attack site.

If this doesn’t raise red flag alerts I don’t know what will. Has anyone else heard of this or have info?

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If you didn't want to read the novel I wrote.... maint high you asked... the answer you fing with the link provided below.



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Age? Grade level??

Join a sportsman club (gun range, archery)

4H is kinda woke with some stuff but get a kid chickens so they get up in the morning with responsibility (purpose to get un the morning before school) forced routine to get up get dressed and they will probably focus more for lessons.

Screen do have an impact on attitude and behavior. Blue light with head aches. Limit screens... Hard to do as adults with these .win pages 🤣

Karate or somethign of that nature teaches respect self defense and emotional control along with burning energy.

She... might be just her age. School could make it even harder with being a new girl in the class. Couldn't believe the drama with just first grade girls to high school.

Also chapter books Rush Limbaugh series


Prodigy for math game. Free online... really neat (u set the grade level)

IXL. Online neat setup to change math up.

Education fun break learning series buy liberty kids and School house rock

But the more serious stuff for older kids and young that can help you....

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)


HSLDA’s leaders, directors, and employees are Christians who seek to honor God by providing the very highest levels of service in defending homeschool freedom and equipping homeschoolers.

How to Get Started (Interactive Explainer)


Homeschool Laws by State (interactive map)


List of other homeschool organizations (each State has them)






Hillsdale College

K-12 at Home: An American Classical Education



National Home School Association (NHSA, appears to be membership/dues-based)



About Us Aside from our many advisors and associates, we are a dedicated team of seasoned homeschoolers that are determined to maintain the NHSA's position as the epicenter of the home schooling movement. With a wide variety of talents and experience our team is uniquely positioned and qualified to take on the challenges to unify the millions of widely diverse and fiercely independent homeschool families across the country into a single voice to protect everyones right to homeschool.

Free E-Book

Terra Scholar - A Complete Handbook for Today’s Homeschooler E-book https://nationalhomeschoolassociation.com/terra-scholar-homeschool-ebook.php

What are Homeschool Pods and Co-Ops? (explainer)


Other Resources, Activities, and Curriculum available on site.

Material.... Younger kids and free Math/english game prodigy online (simple search pops it right up)


Great source for older / out of print Textbooks.

https://www.betterworldbooks.com ....................

Ron Paul Curriculum


"Absolutely the best CONTENT I have seen anywhere for subjects of Literature and History. My 4th grader loves it and is learning things I didn't know about until college and beyond. PhD level professors teaching in prerecorded course (180 lessons per subject per semester). Also have courses in science, math, etc and adult courses. By 4th grade students can work almost entirely independently with the curriculum (but you'll want to learn it too!) which is a big help especially for families with multiple kids."


ABEKA (Christian Homeschooling Program)



In 1954, Dr. Arlin Horton and his wife, Beka, started a Christian school in Pensacola, Florida. But they soon discovered a problem. Textbooks and curriculum based on biblical educational philosophy were starting to disappear. Burdened to give their students the best education possible, they stood in the gap and began producing their own materials.

"my daughter taught piano to 3 boys who were using the christian homeschool ABEKA program and there all in college now! Both my daughters were raised on this program in private christian school."


Seton Home Study School (Catholic)


Seton Home Study School is a nationally accredited, faithfully Catholic private PreK-12 distance school located in the state of Virginia. We serve an enrollment of approximately 20,000 homeschooled students, and several thousand more families through book sales and by furnishing materials to small Catholic schools.

"Seton Catholic homeschooling is excellent. The program handles all the paperwork for the state or country of residence. They send a box of real books, computer use is minimal. We set up a fast pace with provided math course, so we can add Singapore US edition afterwards."


Saxton math (but always check word problems... it's popular and used in private schools... always worried things could get snuck in and switched up. Never had this problem but always check)

Finally for your wife... try looking for a mom's for liberty group (might help her meet like minded moms and play dates hangouts)

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That has the picture drawing app connected to strangers that can draw anything!!! Definitely a no

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Fixed... I must of bumped it

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Full attack within , around, and all over

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Amazon removed everything as well

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Pretrump: The upper class unfirable had an emblem of a **keystone

”They have they own flag, their own emblem, which is a keystone”

****I would love to see what that logo looked like

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