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Can speak to a degree on this.

Lots of brilliant people, and including good hearted. Psyop is usually to undo a brainwashed or otherwise oppressed people. You have to redo programming. Yeah, you have direct action guys, team guys, but you also need hearts and minds, and logistics. There is an actual element of intelligent and positive influence with these types of units.

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I just don't like the idea of another disney-like monopoly. Easy to infiltrate once the heads are long gone.

That said, the reason for infiltration is being addressed, if Q is true. So who know, maybe we'll finally get change.

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Yeah but definitely talks different


Trump in 1992 is actually somehow LESS energy than our 2022 Trump, so you can't blame father time

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Agreed. I always thought media stalemate (no longer tuning in as much), rumors of wars, sickness, food shortage, gas shortage, then either inflation or mass layoffs would be the order of precipice.

People only rise up when it's their day-to-day that gets interrupted, so media+war+COVID wouldn't get them off the couch. But prevent people from feeding their families, paying for gas, and being able to work or have their paychecks be worth a darn, and people will get upset.

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As an Arizona resident, she would be my first choice, but does have a sketch history of border security and amnesty


That said, people change, and Kari seems like the best choice.

Here's a good interview where she definitely shows she's an America First candidate: https://youtu.be/nLPdTFSn2HU

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Not directed at you personally but, I still don’t get people who question the stuff on the Q-Forum/GAW, that the Mods put out!!


This was stickied for hours, upvoted like crazy, and yet had absolutely zero sources.

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She loves diamond Dallas page, you weak armed nerds 😤😤

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Declaring the achievement the “greatest gift” that can be given to future generations, Putin hosted a party in the Kremlin to celebrate the achievement.

When was the event? Who from Newspunch was there reporting? Who is the source that states Putin said this?

None of what you posted is a single direct source. It's just more small right leaning news sources that operate out of blogs and advertise buying gold or health supplements.

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If Elon does I would question whether Patriots were truly in control.

That being said, he's probably both trolling, and telling us he knows if something deeper happening.

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100% they can. And in the video the TruVote team even states that some apps do still collect data even when your phone is OFF.

I was in rural Alaska with ZERO connectivity, absolutely zero. But I'm certain regions if I opened Google Maps it would show me exactly where I was, and I never had download maps enabled.

Satellite gps is different than cell service geolocations.

Only solution is faraday cage or complete battery drain.

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God uses this who don't even know Him


Isaiah 45:4-7, talking about blessing the Persian King Cyrus to bring about God's will

4For the sake of Jacob my servant,

of Israel my chosen,

I summon you by name

and bestow on you a title of honor,

though you do not acknowledge me.

5I am the Lord, and there is no other;

apart from me there is no God.

I will strengthen you,

though you have not acknowledged me,

6so that from the rising of the sun

to the place of its setting

people may know there is none besides me.

I am the Lord, and there is no other.

7I form the light and create darkness,

I bring prosperity and create disaster;

I, the Lord, do all these things.

Book of Daniel also prophecies over King Alexander the Great.

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I miss the old days of DEBOOOOOOONKED

That said, didn't trump say there's no such thing as bad press? It's just free press? And isn't he the king of weaponizing "bad" press?

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I'm not arguing, and look at my post history, obviously I'm here for the long haul.

I'm just saying, it is kinda peculiar when you think about it.

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Okay, stepping back, and looking at this forum completely objectively, does anyone remember how everyone said Q was a Russian propaganda machine?

And yet here we are, the only Americans to support the Russian invasion of Ukraine? All in hopes of uncovering an underground prison of trafficked humans? Or undoing the Clinton/Obama/Biden/Soros money laundering country? Or the biolabs meant to welcome the Great Reset? It sounds completely wild, like they fed us the most absurd theories and we just bit, hook, line and sinker.

If I were on any other sub, I'd say everyone here was ludicrous, and completely bought into Russian disinformation.

That being said, you do have to admit, would you have ever imagined yourself in this scenario, ten years ago 20?

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Communism itself is a new-ish word for an ancient methodology.

It's all about control. Enslavement. Power. Starvation. Pain. Loneliness. Identity stripping. Hopelessness. No love.

When you believe in your Bible you know that socialism is a few steps from communism, and communism is a few steps from Satan's plans.

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Either way she's the first senator willing to wave her dick around in the name of the Constitution that weve had in a long time. Long list of losers: McCain, flake, mcsally, Kelley.

Arizona being close to Cali must be why we've been so poisoned. No other way to explain it. There's way too many patriots here.

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