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Yes, he does.

Lex Friedman, a brilliant AI scientist, speaks to how he admires Elon for being able to not only keep up with brilliant engineers, but also handle multiple companies. Listen to his explanations on rockets, that's wher I realized he actually knows his stuff.

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I agree, but how many Rothschilds are there? Seems like it should be a reverse pyramid with how many there are and could be in play.

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Donald Trump had Russian hookers pee in his bed, and Putin had footage. Used the tapes as blackmail to get him to run, then rigged the election to get him to win. While in office, as Putin's puppet, Putin used Trump to turn the economy around, make us energy independent, get minority/women unemployment lowest in history, strengthen the military, fix VA benefits, build a wall, reduce illegal immigration by 96%, start a crippling trade war against China (that we were winning), develop Space Force, bring multiple Cabal members down including SA, Bush Sr, Epstein, Maxwell, McCain, and others, fill federal judge seats with Republicans, and make Americans proud of their country and believe in America again.... All while Russia...stagnated in economy and military and took over no new land? Unlike they did with Crimea during the Obama Regime?

So Putin had Trump run only to strengthen America and do zilch for Russia?

If this is all true then I hope Putin threatens Trump to do it all over again.

And if this is true...what does that mean for Ukraine/China, and Hunter Biden? πŸ€” Don't libs think through their incoherent theories?

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I thought Disney was super anti big bank and cabal? I watched a bunch of documentaries lately (girlfriend wanted to) and I picked up on little things that explained why he'd be anti puppet master. Maybe I'm wrong. But it would be ironic for the cabal to overtake his empire and then it into their propaganda arm.

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Could've been comms for the cabal. Like trumps negotiation tactics: set the bar at an extreme level, then negotiate to a victory for yourself.

Bill spilling the beans and revealing the bodies would be considered a huge win. Maybe like McCain and Bush Sr, they'll get to die in public honor while ripping the walls open to where the real rot is: the puppet masters.

Remember, Bill, for all his evil and sick deeds, is just a puppet. The string pullers are who they're after

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This needs to be stickied in this thread, especially if he "gets worse"

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Bro I love these pepe memes. It's so hilarious the front line and backend freedom fighters saving the world from an international cabal of satanic pedophile bankers use these cute little Pepe's as their mascot.

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I disagree. 13 dead service members isn't part of the script.

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I believe they fast and pray and are directed by God, whatever that looks like. If you read through the Old Testament it's easy to see how closely God worked with His people to upend evil empires, even to save an obstinate people (ancient Israel and Americans aren't too different).

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They're telling us where we are in the plan.

1st and 10 on the 40. Whose 40? Theirs or ours? I certainly hope theirs. But I will say it's better then our 10 or 20 πŸ˜‚

An empty bay is the 40, or current situation is the 40?

I understand a lot of this is like the Bible: we won't know more until it's over, and even though we may never know everything. But as long as it all works out, then I'm just curious is all

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Do prior service members call themselves ex military? I've only heard prior service or former military, never ex military. Indicates they were dishonorably discharged.

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Before anyone asks, I did help, and will always help.

He is not my enemy, and I've been dropping red pills here and there. Agonizingly slow, but Q spent years red pilling us, and its our duty to help our fellow Americans.

Wanted to share to show proof the flight delays ARE actually happening AND actually impacting normal citizens, and these are opportunities to explain why they're happening: air traffic controllers and pilots are afraid of having stroke, embolisms, or cardiac related issues in the tower or IN THE AIR.

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After the lack of events after 21 days of prayer, I'm pretty dated out

Sure, events happened, but nothing truly flipped, it seems. I'm gonna need a win soon, getting worn down by vax mandates shutting people out of their lives.

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The liberal canary-in-the-mines for me are the friends and family who are most extreme leftists. They are my gauge for the average brainwashed liberal.

-the two liberals who wouldn't leave their homes at all during covid got vaccinated, and boostered, and are now going outside. Even with the media fear mongering of delta, even the most extreme liberals at work have been travelling or visiting family or eating at restaurants.

-the liberal friend who constantly wears a mask and got her vaccine? Not getting boosters. She feels she was lied to, and like it will never end, so what's the point.

-the liberal oldhead who HATES Trump and voted Joe? Feels absolutely heartbroken and depressed at how Afghanistan unfolded (he's prior service military)

It's over folks. These are the four biggest trump hater/vaccine worshippers I know and even they are getting tired of the BS. Trump is right to harp on the border, economy, and Afghanistan: people are pissed, tired, or outright in low-level rebellion over it.

The only way they can win is fraud. If Q stops the fraud in the 2022 election, and we EARN a true red wave, then perhaps it was all worth it if that red wave sweeps across America at the local, state, and federal levels.

Trump in office alone cannot purge the rot that is long in our system: the schools, the television, the media, the corporations, the military, the politics, the federal agencies, and the international governing bodies.

But the absence of Trump does reveal just how corrupt these people truly are. And while the red pill is slow, perhaps the liberal black pill is just as good; they may never love trump, but all they need to realize is the truth: the people in charge HATE them.

I truly hope America wakes up and we stop fighting each other. I love this country. But we need to keep waking up.

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Oh wow, that does ass another element to this video, doesn't it?

That moment in the inauguration is one of the most referenced examples of the military supporting Trump, and thus being in control of this whole movie.

Dan had to have known this when posting, and is signaling something?

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The ironic part is the "grounded in reality" portion logically opens up all other tiers of theory. But let's just glance over that as collective citizens:

The government spying on you.

The government testing on you.

The government trying to control you.

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