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Those are suspicious, but when has anyone from the cabal praised the name of Jesus like Jim has? Plus, he was ostracized after playing Passion. I'll take these pics with a grain of salt.

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Neuralink + Starlink will be far worse than anything our current true villains could ever implement over us.

I'm holding out that he's a white hat, but what he wants will welcome the end times.

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Nazi Symbols on Ukraine’s Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History

...That relationship has become especially delicate because President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has falsely declared Ukraine to be a Nazi state, a claim he has used to justify his illegal invasion.

So wait... You're telling me they're Nazis while simultaneously telling me Putin is wrong for saying their Nazis? But you worded it as: "we aren't saying they're not Nazis, but we are saying it's not a Nazi state!" Wordsmithing to avoid the whole truth... Got it

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Side note this channel is based and awesome. They've lost a couple channels to youtube censorship, but they seem strong and resilient and just keep on trucking. Gotta appreciate red blooded tenacity.

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Prayed over Alison and yourself. Please keep us updated. Thanks for sharing.

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Saw this on Reddit and just had to laugh.

As an Arizona resident I am not a fan of all the people moving here, that said it's still legitimate (even if they are are driving up rent and turning the state blue).

But the same people who wrote that comment is someone who supports illegals crossing here by tens of thousands a week.

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I saw an aerial thermal video of Arizona where a tower outside of Phoenix was causing these waves of clouds to spiral out, almost like the weather was being created from that central location. If anyone has the link I'd appreciate it.

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Remember that video of Trump being in tears during one of the military parades? He's filled with such gratitude and pride that he was in joyful tears?

And remember when his HOA in Florida hit him with a fee because his flag was too high? So his solution was to raise the flag even higher by raising the ground under it into a hill 😂😂 they finally settled on him lowering the hill again, and then donating the fee to a veterans charity.

He's always been a patriot.

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Yeah it's ridiculous you have to pay tax on what you already own? Absolutely stupid.

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President Putin has an alluring combination of strength with gentleness. His sensuous image projects his love for life, the embodiment of grace while facing adversity."

Sometimes this sub really does feel like we're buying into Russian propaganda. If the Left wasn't so evil then part of me would think this entire operation is a Russian AI learning machine.

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You're right brother, we're on the same side and I shouldn't be so competitive.

I think after having my world rocked I just question everything, and I mean everything. But I can see why someone would subscribe to the idea of the fourth turning. Either way, we're all in this together.

Good luck out there pede.

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You did not answer my question:

Meaning everything post WW2 is also a coordinated shit show by the cabal? Why are we defending the idea that the world's been in a peaceful prosperous state when we've been under the thumb of those who hate us?

Also, the last 500 is exactly the timeline of when the Rothschilds came to be

The family's documented history starts in 16th century Frankfurt; its name is derived from the family house, Rothschild, built by Isaak Elchanan Bacharach in Frankfurt in 1567.

Doesn't sound like coincidence.

Also, you say western civilization, but wasn't western Europe, England, and America all involved in some sort of war since WW2? What about Americans own borders since then?

Perhaps your belief in "Fourth Turning" is just propaganda as to make us accept the cycle of : destroy, rebuild prosper, transfer wealth and power, destroy, repeat

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Small regional proxy wars?

Babies were swung by their feet and smashed against trees in Cambodia.

60 million died in China.

Millions have died in tribal wars in Africa.

600,000+ Iraqi citizens since the start of the war.

Post WW2 isn't some utopia. It seems like this idea is important to you. But isn't the entire point of Q is that there's been this elitist cabal controlling the world for centuries, and that everything post Titanic has been coordinated for our destruction and their wealth? Meaning everything post WW2 is also a coordinated shit show by the cabal? Why are we defending the idea that the world's been in a peaceful prosperous state when we've been under the thumb of those who hate us?

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new age of peace and prosperity

Isn't this not true?

Russia immediately took over half of Europe.

China and North Korea involved in wars against the US?

Israel fighting everyone in the middle east?

A series of Cold War proxy wars for a few decades?

Rise of drug cartels?

Spy vs spy games against the two superpowers?

Massive wealth and power transfer which set us up for the issues of today?

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