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I usually take this day to thank God for all the children He has put in my path to help guide in His ways....many foster children who were at the worst time in life in addition to my own. Now I drive a school bus, kek. At least 100 a day!
Don't be fooled frens, many of our young people are against the teachings of evil in this time. For this, WE are Blessed.
Thanks Ash...

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God will continue to supply all we need...trust in that. We must become the teachers when the time comes...many have lost such knowledge, but many of us have remembered.

Blessings frens...

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I love dandelion salads. Been eating them since I was young. Must pick the leaves before the it flowers... Blessings 🙏

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We anons are proven correct again ...it's very hard to be so right about so many wrongs.

Blessings for all truth to be exposed

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The majority of my fellow bus drivers are not vaxxed....many of us left districts that were requiring them for districts that did not. Nice being among like minded frens!

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I drive a school bus....left a district in 2021 that required the jab and went to another that didn't...I train 2 young bus aides every year to do exactly this on every run just in case something should happen to me. They even learn about the air brake system and gauges!
Safety is a priority and we have drills often on bus evacuation and driver or student medical emergencies. My kids (all 100 of them) know what to do and how to act if something bad happens. I'm really proud of them...they also don't buy a lot of the crap being shoved down their throats either. Love my job!

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I agree....I felt that today...I just feel so confident that things are changing in our world and the hand of God is the reason. It's almost as if contentment has come over me. Feels good

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It is still considered as a palindrome when leaving off the "20"...many abbreviate and use 3 21 23.... Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed fren? Or just dooming for fun

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3 20 2023...look at the numbers now from right to left...

If you are British you put the day first so it will not be the same for you.

Many here in America omit the first two numbers in the year so the remaining 9 days are...

3 21 23...now read right to left 3 22 23 all the way through 3 29 23

These are the only ones this entire year and they are consecutive..hope this helps

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Thank you fren for posting this...just an hour ago I cried out to The Lord that His people are losing hope...that evil has to be ridden from this earth....when will His covenant to send the lion to this commence as many are suffering.

I have seen this time and what will come after. Perhaps I am longing for the world I saw after the devastation....

I believe this is God's answer to my prayer as He always does answer. You were the messenger tonight.

Many blessings...

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Congrats!! Had 2 c sections...you're gonna be fine. Now go buy 2 of everything...you are blessed my fren!

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Well Cats many of us "old timers are still here...waiting and praying as instructed. We are in a whirlwind right now, like a tempest in a teapot. We have it all but dont understand it all. We only know for sure that "they" are becoming more desperate and with that comes mistakes.

I describe this war we are in as one not only our souls but the soul of our country and world like a big bucket. One drop at a time is going in it so many dont notice. But those drops add up and when they overflow the bucked, and all hell breaks loose (yes it is going to get worse, much worse) then and only then will you see the power of WIN and all the years spent on this mission come to fruition.

Evil is trying to destroy us from within, we know this......but our gatekeepers are righteous and we have been chosen by God for this time. Yes is is exhausting but we wake every day to fight again knowing GOD WINS!


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