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I and many others feel the same....those of us who have been here through the years knew that evil would not spare the innocent. This is beyond what we prepared for but they are fulfilling an awful prophecy that was given to me......that a generation would be lost.

I wrote of this many times, but knowing it doesn't make it any easier, as a matter of fact, it makes it worse. I'm as tired and heartbroken as are many of us in this war, but we must continue to fight knowing it is our purpose. We must take time though to morn those who were deceived. Evil always comes as a friend and uses fear to override judgment.

I wish I could say this is the worst that will come, but it is not. Stay prayerful, faithful and humble in the eyes of the The Lord. God does indeed win..

Blessings fren....

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I waited 42 years!! 42, for a covenant from God to be fulfilled. God's time is not ours to question or predict., only HE knows. Faith allows for comfort that it will come..... As promised


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We were chosen for this time pedes...the storm is coming, hold fast. We are prepared for what is to come.
God wins Blessings frens

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I usually take this day to thank God for all the children He has put in my path to help guide in His ways....many foster children who were at the worst time in life in addition to my own. Now I drive a school bus, kek. At least 100 a day!
Don't be fooled frens, many of our young people are against the teachings of evil in this time. For this, WE are Blessed.
Thanks Ash...

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God will continue to supply all we need...trust in that. We must become the teachers when the time comes...many have lost such knowledge, but many of us have remembered.

Blessings frens...

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I love dandelion salads. Been eating them since I was young. Must pick the leaves before the it flowers... Blessings 🙏

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Very interesting..thx fren

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We anons are proven correct again ...it's very hard to be so right about so many wrongs.

Blessings for all truth to be exposed

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The majority of my fellow bus drivers are not vaxxed....many of us left districts that were requiring them for districts that did not. Nice being among like minded frens!

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I drive a school bus....left a district in 2021 that required the jab and went to another that didn't...I train 2 young bus aides every year to do exactly this on every run just in case something should happen to me. They even learn about the air brake system and gauges!
Safety is a priority and we have drills often on bus evacuation and driver or student medical emergencies. My kids (all 100 of them) know what to do and how to act if something bad happens. I'm really proud of them...they also don't buy a lot of the crap being shoved down their throats either. Love my job!

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Followed you fren....

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I agree....I felt that today...I just feel so confident that things are changing in our world and the hand of God is the reason. It's almost as if contentment has come over me. Feels good

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