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What does WW stand for? World War?

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John Roberts has other problems like....where did he buy, I mean adopt his 2 children from?

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That's the late Jean Luc Brunel, who supplied girls for Epstein!

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Don't quite understand your comment but Johnny Carson (much like many celebrities back then) never ever EVER affiliated with a political party. He never wanted to alienate half his demographics. He so much as said so. So he made it a point never to favor one party over the other. All politicians were equally opportunity targets as far as his jokes. Unlike now (but who watches network tv anymore anyway?) But now Hollywood has become the mouthpiece for the Democrat (and satanic) party and it's all about to implode.RINOs too.

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This operation has been going on for well over a decade or two and....it isn't complete. It only ramped up in 2020. And now, it's being exposed for all (not just conspiracy theorists). But being exposed doesn't mean it's a clean sweep either.

Bad things are still happening, yes. There will be causalities of war. There's more (good) going on than we know too though.

Those phones these immigrants are getting? Will end up tracking them.

The vax? well, that's where free will comes in. You either believed there was a deadly virus (which I never did) or not. You either believe a chemical injection into your organic body can help you, or not. I never did. No one I know has ever regretted not getting vaxed.

Trump had to declare an 'emergency' vaccination in order to prevent it from becoming mandatory....which would've caused MORE chaos and confusion and unemployment. I also believe many if not most were switched out with Saline.

Nothing is simple. Everything has multiple layers as far as cause and effect. Trump is doing EVERYTHING lawfully, legally and by the book!!

There won't be an election. Not a chance in hell. 2020 will be proven to have been stolen. It already has. It was necessary to get the media, who doles out the lies.... to capitulate. And that's happening.

EVERYTHING collapses this year. But there's a plan in place. Do you really think Trump started SpaceForce for nothing? Funny how we never hear about them, huh? They're working in the background!!!

Do you really think Elon Musk took over Twitter for nothing too?

We ain't see nothing you. But if you want to remain discouraged (I don't blame you but I don't recommend it) then that's your destiny. I will stay in the knowing and peace.

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They are LITERALLY using laugh tracks!!!! If you don't realize you're watching a production, a movie, a scripted play by now then....you're still in the matrix.

Everything is staged. Not everybody is involved though. We are the 'audience'. Biden is fake. Most of the high profile clowns are actors, doubles, (clones?) or....they are acting. Ron DeSantis is ACTING. Vivek is ACTING. Kari Lake is ACTING. They are good guys, acting. They're in their role to draw out more corrupt politicians like Katy Hobbs, Nikki Haley etc. They're even using people like Hunter Biden, Epstein, McAfee, Kappy etc to help drain this global cesspool. But I'm going off-topic. Sorry. My point, Biden is not only not Biden but the audience is not even real anymore

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What was his schtick on the Carson Show? He had to have offered some type of talent. But I doubt it was playing the violin. Johnny Carson didn't necessarily promote classical musicians but, who knows. I do know it would be on the internet somewhere and I haven't found it so............

You mentioned you're not an autist but Ben Shapiro is. He has high-functioning autism (or so he and the medical community says). One can semi-tell by his 'flat' affect and quick manner in which he talks.

Vaccinations have caused 1 out of 5 to have brain issues (austism). Society is in sad shape but I digress............

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Thanks! So who was Ann Dunham's birth father? And how can Hitler and Eva have two daughters born in the same year if they're not twins? This is a little confusing. Very interesting though.

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Anyone else getting suspended from Twitter/X lately?? Once again they've suspended my acct because.....get this, I said Taylor Swift looks like a tranny. They claim that was hateful speech!!
I mean, WTH? They can bash Trump, call him fat, ugly, a Hitler, fascist, a murderer and a pedophile but that's okay!!
So frustrating. So unfair. I thought being a tranny was trendy. Just venting. Be curious to read other people's experiences lately on Twitter

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They're all trapped. Like cornered cockroaches and Trump is the foot that'll crush 'em all. This military sting operation has been planned for years if not decades. The best is yet to come. That I'm sure of! My gratitude outweighs my confusion making this a very humbling experience.

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Lots of high strangeness and we're only 10 days into the new year. What I find fascinating is, that the official narratives of late make less sense than the tinfoil hat versions. From Joe Biden being 'real' to the Maui fires and everything in between. It's blatantly obvious something's amiss. This Miami incident has so many versions but 'distraction' is what we all can agree on. They dispatched some sort of emergency code over the scanner/radio and instructed ALL police cars over to the mall. This is where the story should start.

Who put out that call and why? But once the police got there, it looked like most just remained in their car. Very bizarre.

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Oh, thank you!! I just made 'were' fit even though it didn't make sense. Thanks fren!

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"H" ? Where? I read it three times.

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Need more to go on. When was this? Where was this? and a woman saying 'deep state' is nothing unusual so that's no help or giveaway. I'm pretty good at this so...help me to help you :)

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Absolutely. There just cannot be another election. For what? To go through this again for the next 4 years. Rinse, lather, repeat?? Trump did not sign up for this unless there was a foul-proof secret military operation all banged out.

This is exactly how they planned it. We, truthers (?) just didn't see this coming. Most of us thought for sure there would be arrests on Jan 20 2021 and Trump would be POTUS.

But looking back, it just couldn't have happened like that. Nothing would've been accomplished. The world needed to SEE and experience this evilness and the media needed to be seen as complicit controlled agents of the enemy.

And yet to date, nothing has really been exposed, yet!!! That's coming next. Buckle up.

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What we're seeing now has already happened but I'll play along and predict the next scenes:

Biden, Obama, Hillary and ilk, will be indicted for treason for election interference, money laundering, and much more....returning power BACK to POTUS Trump, nullifying the 2024 election.

But it will be different. There's no returning back to DC for Trump.

Most of Congress will also be charged with election interference, insider trading, bribery, child trafficking, sexual misconduct etc resulting in a complete obliteration of the entire house!! Both the House and Senate.

This will all happen quickly. Not months or years of hearing and testimonies.

This theater we're watching now with states removing candidates will formally end all future elections and revamping a new system using blockchain via StarLink and SpaceForce (already in place). This will require digital ID rendering all illegal immigrants un-vote-able.

Again, this has all already happened. Biden and company have already been Gitmo'd. None of these key public figureheads are original.

This reset will be worldwide including the central banks, the Vatican and the Royals.

2024 is the year of MAJOR humanitarian change. There will be a lot of noise but I don't predict any kinetic action.

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It's a friggin Aztec-like square pattern not a pedo-swirl!!! FFS people........just stop!!!

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Disinformation is necessary.

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From RRN:

The United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and Office of Military Commissions commenced its case against former Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on Monday, having indicted her on charges of treason, defrauding the United States, and conspiracy to commit murder.

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There's every indication Alex is a Mossad agent. Makes sense especially seeing he's been 'allowed' to expose the deep state and yet......he's still alive (unlike Bill Cooper, Issac Kappy, Chris Cornell, Chester and a host of others).

I understand he's doing a great job waking up the masses but I have to always keep asking 'why'? Who exactly is pulling his strings?

I've been waking up since 1997 and AJ has probably opened my eyes up to a few things but honestly?........I don't trust (nor like) him. And I absolutely don't trust nor care for Elon Musk either. Somethin's going on. Not sure what though. All I know is, if you're confused then, you're awake.

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