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Wagering a bet isn’t the point. It’s just more evidence that you’ve missed it.

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Moral of the story: This illustrates that all humans, even those who are in the service of God, are fallible creatures and prone to error.


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So one kid from the Wayfair images said she was okay and that debunked the whole thing?

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He’s talking about Alex Jones and why he won’t reinstate him.

Musk is wrong.

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I thought he was lighter during the first year out of office, no?

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He was only liked because he supported Trump.

Big miscalculation.

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Didn’t we think Pompeo was dropping nearly daily comms a year ago?

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So what? Going after Joe isn’t worthy?

What makes you think they aren’t going after election fraud and COVID too?

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The US dollar has been used For nefarious purposes even more.

Good crypto is decentralized. The problem here was a CENTRALIZED server that allowed management to essentially steal people’s crypto.

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I read it but I don’t know who the person is bringing the case and if it has any chance of moving forward. Got any details on the context surrounding the document?

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