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Ugh. Democrat party was never about maximizing freedom. But okay.

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Has this been the Week to Remember?

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Even in the early 2000’s Trump would often read out her articles for her reasoned thoughts.

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To ride the wave, should I buy GMT or DJT stock… or both?

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Just called and asked them: “Is your salon promoting the assassination of President Trump?”

Reply: “Can I make you an appointment?”

Again: “Are you calling for Trump’s assassination?”

they hung up.

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What part of “some disinfo is necessary” do you not understand?

Also, Mossad doesn’t make an asset of someone who says the Zionists/Mossad played a part in 9/11, as Jones has done on numerous occasions.

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Because it’s not true. Alex is a patriot.

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Or maybe Trump knows this and is using Vance to keep from being assassinated and to get back into the White House.

Not sure what his next move would be, but I know we are saving Israel for last!

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Why bother asking his loyal supporters who they’d like as VP?

None of them said this guy.

Just like nobody suggested Pence.

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I wish it was somebody I knew… I mean, this guy is low visibility. I remember his name but not much more.

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I think that’s disinfo. But necessary.

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Two people who were behind Trump are dead.

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The same people wanting politicians exempt from subpoenas are the ones losing their minds over the SCOTUS ruling giving Trump immunity. Lol

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