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Is he not speaking about the elites who will have to eat one another? Then, he compares this to “white people” who are always doing stupid, death defying stunts, playing fast and loose with their lives. I don’t think he necessarily meant this as slander against all whites.

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They are impacted only by ATT’s network, not their own.

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It’s not real. Didn’t we just sticky something yesterday about doing better when it comes to sharing fake crap?

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But this is obviously a leftist hit piece to contain a line like that.

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This article must be written by a leftist:

Carlson has attempted to get his viewers angry about how liberals are supposedly claiming that math and trees are racist, or they are trying to get you to eat bugs.

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It’s funny the article would say this:

The New York Times called a “worldwide propaganda network built by the CIA.”

…when we all know the NYT’s is a propaganda network built by the CIA.

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Not every person with a dad who was in the CIA is corrupt.

Nor is every person who was ever in the CIA corrupt. For example: Robert David Steele

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Down there. Not up there.

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