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And shooting and archery and civics

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Just like he promised Unity when inaugurated

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And Wasserman and Schiff and that meatball Nadler and Garland just to name a few

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I read frankensense powder made into a paste

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I'm doing everything your doing and more, only difference is the docs I have are very disappointing 😞 here is an example: after brother in law had his prostate removed I asked my primary if I should be tested, she replied I don't need the test, I was 59. Guess what came back elevated, so I no longer have any trust in Dr's. I pray you can turn it around.

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He'll yea it should be fukin facial recognition

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Have heard many songs in support of Trump and America, but can't recall πŸ€” any for Xiden

by BQnita
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Last thing she said in video was same with me. I had no interest in registering to vote until Trump! Was always a SElection till GEOTUS

My good lord look what has happened is habbening and what is to come. Trump has never disappointed.

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