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Our son turns 9 years old today. It took 7 long years of infertility treatment culminating in a successful ivf pregnancy. It was a long road and we feel extremely blessed to have him in our lives now.

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Lmao imagine actually buying anything from those brands. Local farms or bust.

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No doubt They are going to try something but every single thing they've tried to finish or stall Trump has failed utterly miserable and so will this attempt.

How are you going to pay?!

CASH! mic drop Eat a trimmed tranny dick faggots!

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Thank you for the info.

One last thing I'm reading about a dilution of shares which could bring the price per share down after the merge?

One particular post from the DWAC subreddit with the numbers. "the company currently has 37 million outstanding shares which is going to become 130 million after the merger"

However in generally I'm seeing this posted from people who clearly hate the stock and Trump so disregard?

Again thank you. I feel like a crayon eating retard when it comes to stocks. :(

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When should I buy MOAR?! Now or will it dip again? HALP ME FRENS!

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CPS everywhere is part of the problem. Myself, my mother, and my grandmother all worked in a shelter for abused and neglected children. I worked in their office. Just the shit I'd here from my mother and grandmother. The entire system is broken. Foster care may as well be a child trafficking ring.

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The way I see it God created everything we used for IVF. We had very limited embryos and we used every one that we had. Our son was our last chance. Take your Holier than Thou argument and pack sand.

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