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Nah. We need to execute them in a measured and ordered manner, not chaotically. Send some to the gallows, others to the firing squad, others to burn pits, etc. All televised and properly promoted. Justice for civilization should be civilized.

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WARNING: I was banned from here for this. “Three days.” Well fuck you.

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I read somewhere something about “symbolism” being important…

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Well, isn’t this the place where they’ll be speaking?

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Best not to associate high gas prices with Putin, even subconsciously.

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Yes, Tucker always mocks the MSM hysteria over “QAnon.”

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They’re announcing that just to virtue-signal. Otherwise they’d do it without saying anything and not many would have picked up on it.

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I thought he was sticking with his story…?

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The difference here is that the DS wants the pharmaceutical companies to continue to charge whatever they want, then have the government cover the balance.

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Yes, but until these monopolies are shattered there will be no solution or freedom. The DS controls everything now. Not just tech and media, but banks and the massive holding companies that own the other mega-corporations that run everything else. Oh, yeah, and the politicians.

The one good thing I suppose that could come of this is that the smaller platforms could have their protections fortified. But even that matters little while the beast controls most of the information, and thus the population.

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Wait a few years until she decides to “transition” like mommy.

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I’d also heard about Saud, but Soros has hardly been cut. He’s as active as ever. He’s become sorta like the Rothschild’s Tojo with his ground game.

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