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Got similar symptoms this spring.. what really helped was a daily intravenous Vitamin C and anticoagulant (blood thinner) shots. Plus two different antibiotics..

Finally, it turned out not to be the lymes disease, at all.. Good luck, fren..

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I imagine he is short GME, at the same time I am very much long GME..

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European food shortage is largely a myth.. there is no shortage here, at least not at the moment..

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Yes.. according to Russians, he is the third former high rank captured in Azovstal, the other two being Lt. Gen. Roger L. Cloutier of Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) and a retired Canadian Forces Brigadier-General Trevor John Cadieu.

Will update the info as soon as I have more details..

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GME = GameStop Corp.; MM = Market Maker; AMC = American Movie Classics Entertainment Holdings Inc.; ATH = All Time High; ATER = Aterian Inc.

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The life-size sculpture of The Child Who Was Never Born © 2010 was dedicated on Sunday, February 25, 2018 in Fresno, California. The sculpture was donated by Mark McKeon in memory of his wife Susan on the first anniversary of her death. The holy mass and the dedication was celebrated by Monsignor Patrick McCormick.


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If there is no wife or living children, any property or wealth is distributed to closest living relatives..

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Yes, it's legit.. you need to install Telegram app

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Here's more of highly durable Ukrainian windows. They're even capable to withstand a massive shockwave from a Tochka-U missile attack


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I don't know her identity.. But the intelligence on the woman was allegedly the key factor leading to the discovery of the whereabouts of the "someone"..

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Chechen special forces groups have already reached the first basement levels and used heavy fire and hand granades to clear the spot, revealing a mini-HQ, a warehouse and a dormitory.

Stay tuned.. Videos in the provided Telegram link.


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Here is what I got directly from the people in the know..

The Slovak S-300 TELs have yellow fog lights and an orange beacon on the top that has never been removed. At the same time, they are the only ones who still have stickers on fire extinguishers. These small details are very important when you want to identify the system from the photos after the attack.

A member of the Ukrainian General Staff in Lviv told me that another S-300 secretly arrived via the Netherlands. The source country of this system is not clear, nor do we know whether it was bought or donated.

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