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I had to RE-read the 5-Star comments because Stephen King is a Trump hating faggot and I read it wrong.

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People wake up at different times, we need to assist them.

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Sounds good, but I didn't know about him or him being arrested so I'm not sure how he would trigger a mass pop awakening. Just my opinion, and I'm dumb so I could be wrong here.

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I stopped with the Red Cross blood donations years ago when I found out they charge people for my free donations

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Read that same story this morning, first thing that came to mind after I read the "died suddenly" part was "is he vaxxed?"

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Had I not woken up I probably would have thought this was a cool idea. Now... Not so much.

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β€œTurn around and close your eyes, we’ve got this”

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Yes, you can hear it and then you see Paul's rib cage going in and out matching the snoring. He was out cold either by the hammer or the fall.

Edit: He was also not moving while the cops were holding the dude down.

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He did: 1/16/23

β€œ Trashing accounts that you hate will cause our algorithm to show you more of those accounts, as it is keying off of your interactions.

Basically saying if you love trashing that account, then you will probably also love trashing this account. Not actually wrong lol.”

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I remember MSM talking about a new strain of avian flu that has wiped out some 52.7 million animals.

Weird that it hasn't wiped out backyard chickens yet. This shortage/price hike was planned.

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They should audit the taxes of all that oppose this bill to disband these agents.

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He sounded like the typical woke lib. Absolutely nauseating to listen to.

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