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The "Critical Thinking" Channel on Rumble always uploads every new teleconference these doctors have. Every one is a must watch to stay informed.

Here is their most recent:


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She's alive. She didn't die, and wasn't shot. Wake up. We've been over this already.

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I remember faces. She isn’t a paid host on RSBN. She participated on the maga rally’s, and was there on January 6, cohosting with RSBN

She’s not bad, I just thought she was a teacher in Ohio, not Virginia.

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She worked for Rightside Broadcasting. Frankly, she's trying to get in on the latest craze. She actually used to say she was a teacher in Ohio. I wonder if she is really a teacher there.

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This is fake news. School boards are alllowed to leave meetings and adjourn them. Just because parents get mad, yell and play pretend on voting themselves in, doesn't mean they are now members of the school board.

It doesn't work that way.

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Your opinion. I am awake. Have been for a long time.

This plan was always about injecting and sterilizing/killing children. It is our responsibility to wake up those who are asleep.

Where in the Bible does it say quit.

And no, I have never worn a mask, even in hospitals. Still don't.

I'll do what I do. You do what you do.

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This is all the nurses and educators have to do. Walk out, go home, and force the administrative hand.

They will back down. Administrations will reverse any bullshit policy that forces the jab.

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Incorrect. It’s not fear. It’s education and awareness. Saving children from negligent parents is not fear. It’s saving humanity.

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The real question is…. Are you an Ignoramoose?

I hope your not and that you played the triangle tee game.

Crackle barrel is great.

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Schools will be out in the fall. Watch what happens when the employees and students who have taken the jabs start dropping like flies.

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😎🙏🇺🇸🍺 Back at ya! Amen.

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