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In fairness, that comment was made prior to the election in 2020, but 18 months removed hardly negates the sheer retardation of the statement itself.

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They sure do play that "interfering with interstate commerce" card early and often when they need to pad charges, don't they?

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I'm sure they chose that as Hussein's "place of birth" for a reason...

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I thought he's called it that multiple times in the past?

You're gonna make me dig now, aren't you?

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2024 is the only acceptable answer he can give right now. Q told us he has to be insulated from EVERYTHING.

That includes the unfucking of the 2020 election.

The overturning of the coup has to come as much of a shock to him as it does everyone else.

"This is not another 4 year election '

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The big question should be - did he know if his trains /buses were used to ferry tens of thousands of illegal & phony ballots?

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That they can't do the math and figure out what's causing them to trip every test they come in contact with is truly a feat of modern mental gymnastics on their part.

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One with a sense of humor.

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Lizzy Deuce has been singing with the Choir Invisible for some time. This is all kabuki theater to ease the UK people into the reality.

My guess is they're saving the London Bridge card to shift the news cycle from the walls crashing down on Prince Andrew.

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They were deliberate in not revealing who the votes were for, but I imagine that will change over time as the case develops.

by gamepwn
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The 11 combatant commanders who would be in actual control, should our Devolution scenario be what we're currently experiencing, are absolutely NOT woke, virtue-signaling clowns like Lloyd Austin and Milley.

by gamepwn
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The woke TV generals and those truly in charge are not the same people.

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Negative, Ghost Rider. Look closer.

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