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Wasn't online much yesterday, how'd that nasa lease thing go? Don't seem to see any updates anywhere. They vote?

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"I'm surrounded by sheep and cowards"

Yes, yes you probably are.

I rely on ego to carry me, and brother let me tell you, it's getting funner and funner to mock these tards publicly.

How do I do it? I give no fucks and say what's on my mind. Try that.

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How about gereral fucking principle.

Tell whoever is asking to fuck off. Simple as that.

If it costs a job it costs a job. SO. THE. FUCK. WHAT.

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556.....the cure.....

It's going to be an interesting few weeks me thinks.

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Gratitude for the above.


If y'all don't understand, don't mind me, it's been a long road. But.....

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Openly mock them. It will scratch your itch for confrontation, but in a productive way.

Laugh at the clowns. Let them see you laughing.

If they get under your skin they win.

If you get under theirs........

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Billy Shears was a musician who had won a Paul lookalike competition in '65.

When Paul died in a car crash, Billy was recruited into the band.

It's a fascinating hole to dig. I reached a different conclusion than OP. Paul is dead, not a doubt in my mind.

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I feel you on that anon. Frustrating as hell.

What are we missing? I want to ditch YouTube but I just can't make rumble work.

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I was 40ish minutes behind live when the stream went down. Reading some comments from other who were watching live I'm very confused.

Fuck'd I miss?

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So be that guy who goes against it, and do it out in the open. Fly your flag. Speak your mind freely. Talk to people. Everyone is starved for honesty, so give them some.

I'm loving the shit out of my let's go Brandon hoodie, it's quite the conversation starter. I've never had an easier time getting people to listen to the ravings of a malcontent lol.

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Heck of a plant.

Folks who haven't should read Jack Herror's emperor wears no clothes. Amazing piece of research.

I'll edit in a link here, just give me a minute....it's free online somewhere I just have to find it again.


I believe the million dollar prize for disproving anything in the book remains unclaimed. It's been decades.

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More like sarcasm, but regardless.

There are more pressing matters afoot.

That's all the time I'm giving this. Carry on.

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You did know the control system has been in place since before DC was built, right?

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Well, it helped showcase human warmth, love and our support for each other.

I answered your question out of respect for the heavy lifting I've watched you do over the years. I notice you didn't feel the need to answer mine though. You know as well as I do how that reads.

Pompous. Prickish. That's how it reads.

You in a mood? Want I should pray for ya? WWG1WGA

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