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Yes. Buy sodium chlorite, from that you can make good quantities of MMS, CDS, with limited supplies.

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But it is taking place.

That last sentence, that's pure gaslighting. Disgusting behavior on your "good christians" part, shameful!

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Alan Watt (1965)

It's too bad Alan died last year. (And such a coincidence, he was healthy, no one expected it.)

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Human DNA has been tampered with. We've been turned into slaves, and as if that's not enough, we need to be poisoned from birth to death.

Now for some concerns I have....:

A word on what is going on in this post. We are being swarmed by bible/Jesus followers. GA always is, always has been (and it is tolerated). BUT -- I feel now, here, this is very coordinated. I believe they come from a christian discussion board, maybe here on the .win platform. They can't have it that Q is talking ASCENSION.

Whoever is in control of GAW, perhaps even those close to Q: please can you put a damper on this manipulation because this is getting a bit out of hand (IMHO.)

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Evil, there's nothing more to it. And the thing in the corner... this thing really thinks of himself as a woman. Sickness all around.

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I've never heard of such suffering and torment in any documentary. We never heard about this because we weren't supposed to. AND, most of all, you won't find any monuments for this.

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Another must watch documentary: Hellstorm. The massacre of German people at the end of WWII. This made a hell of an impression on me.. The official world war 2 history... Lies... LIES!!

Hellstorm (2015)


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We're going into a prolonged dark period, period.

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The reddit thread linked in the follow-up tweet says it's for renovations


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I imagine something like the Portland autonomous zone but online this time.

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Also the production lines are incredibly shoddy, just an awful situation all around (paraphrasing obviously, but that's exactly what it sounds like.)

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The jew loves this. This is the fruit of their labor. Also what u/369Q says.

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