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Well I hope they hurry the fuck up and rug pull because this is starting to feel like a giant alien ai controlled human farming experiment from one psyop to the next with no break since 2020. Why does it even have to collapse? why cant I just exchange my petro dollar slave bucks one to one for my new economy freedom bucks? money is just an idea based on nothing why cant we just go back to the gold standard ez peazie? Skip the pain and collapse and get right to the public disembowelling of traitors by ripping them apart with horses in minecraft. My god this is feeling like just a scheme by the boomers to enslave their children when they got to drink endless refill coca cola for a nickle and eat all you can eat 10 cent hotdog and hamburger buffets and take 20 cent gasoline baths and now we cant even buy a shed that bums blow their loads in because anything bigger is getting bought up by blackrock for 100k over asking price.

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Oh its the good guys torturing us, im so relieved. I thought it could have been the bad guys torturing us but now that I know its the good guys doing the torture I feel much better.

The people who took the injections failed the IQ test. It seems to have been a death lottery, and could have been to thin the herd to prepare for collapse. For god sakes they gave the stuff away for free. They are not the type of people you want around when SHTF.

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There were many stories worldwide of saline injection. I dont think it was logistically possible to make 1 billion doses of premium mrna dna scrambler when they said they had them unless covid was preplanned before march 2020.

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Its certainly possible, there was a story of a canadian military officer in charge of vaccine rollout who was pushed out of his role for "sexual misconduct". Like what? did he put his foot on the womans face or fishhook her butthole? illegal sex moves? why does the military care about their officers sexual conduct. And why did his illegal sex moves force him out of vaccine logistics in the middle of a super spooky pandemic. I wondered if he was a whitehat or a blackhat. I suspect he was a whitehat because sexual misconduct seems like a convenient way to push someone out without telling the world the real reason. I think he was replaced by a woman who seems more obedient. Then came the stories of tainted vaccine batches that had to be destroyed, I wonder if those tainted vaccines were actually good or bad batches. I also wonder why the military was in charge of vaccine distribution at all.

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forgive me if i repeat one as I cant ctrl + f a picture but here are some:

amid despite experts agree concerns grow anti science experts weigh in breakthrough infections peddling bizarre theories heres how fueling racism xenophobia superspreaders fears grow some scientists surge wave variant hotspot caution urged variant of concern immunocompromised individuals divisive vaccine certificate died suddenly obscene slogans scaremongering derail unacceptable views a year long study found doesnt match reality efficacy wanes full protection winter vagina

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I am seeing two distinctive patriot camps at this point. One camp I call "soft landing". The "soft landing" camp wants to tell you about who the bad guys are but hides the involvement of people who like to wear small hats and spin dreidels. This camp seems to include alex jones, mike pompeo, jack posobiec, marjorie taylor greene, general flynn, patrick byrne, x22, and all the people who have 3 stars in their names on telegram. The other camp doesn't care about that distinction and just tells you who the bad guys are. Also I think bitcoin is a deepstate tool and x22 pushes that quite frequently. x22 has some of the best sitrep and analysis though. I think Q more referred to Jerome Corsi and his book deal as being a paytriot, not people who try to sell keto and collagen on the side.

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"Hey bro, you wanna go behind the bleachers and puff on some dog shit?"

"Hell yeah my dude!"

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I think she was using one of those military grade reefers, she said the strain was called "dog fart cat puke". 1 bong injection I can understand but over 38 bongs??? Thats not safe. I am not sure how she did it but people should know the dangers of injecting too many bongs.

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I know this one girl who injected over 38 bongs of marinaras directly into her jugular and her pancreas exploded... meat chunks everywhere... good thong she has two!

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Ummmm? Excuse me? There is nothing gross about the love between two consenting bio terrorists/eugenicists. Mmmmkay? Try to be more inclusive next time sweetie.

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"As you can see I am not afraid of needles."

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This makes sense if this person was going to be the surgeon general for the 16 year plan. Hillary gets in, chooses him to take that position, hes the perfect fall guy for a genocidal vaccine campaign.

Also take note of the weird zooming issues as several members walk out in the end.

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Meme Master!

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when half your face is paralyzed and you can no longer unlock your iphone

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Here is the interview: https://www.bitchute.com/video/mGECHFxhBwM/

I also hope Cliff is wrong about it taking 18 more years to win the war but I think that also depends on what he means by winning the war. I believe regardless if the entire covid narrative collapsed tomorrow there would still be repercussions felt for at least 18 years. Kids are now drawing self portraits in school that include them wearing face masks. The pandemic has caused serious damage of all types to society, some of it I do not think is even understandable at this point until we have had enough time to realize the long term effects from this mass formation psychosis.

He also discussed seeing videos of women releasing aerosols with covid on finished goods (21:10), I am interested in seeing those videos, or any of the early ccp covid fear propaganda videos if anyone has them. I only have some of the videos of the ccp spraying "disinfectants" from hand held devices and trucks when the outbreak first happened. I find it weird that we have not seen more widespread use of these aerosol "disinfectants" to combat covid.

Hand held disinfectants: https://files.catbox.moe/8fmgww.mp4

Disinfectant trucks: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Bybjygmnnauf/

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I believe the Pug also needs to have caesarean sections to be born in most cases because the head is so large it has trouble coming out of the birth canal. Dog breeding has gotten pretty insane, the variations that have arisen in such a short evolutionary time span are very diverse. If modern society collapsed, I cant see packs of Chihuahuas taking over and thriving on their own in Sub-Saharan Africa with all the predators that currently exist, but who knows maybe they would specialize and become underground dwellers like meerkats.

I think to a certain extent humans also domesticated themselves. I look at DNA as a code and it behaves like code. Any code that is capable of replicating can replicate, the code itself does not factor in if that code is ultimately doomed to become unable to replicate further down the line. Also we are not code in a vacuum, we exist running simultaneously with other code, a symphony of multi threaded code is the human species.

In some science fiction shows the grey alien species are said to be incapable of breeding, and they are said to instead rely on continuous cloning which would mimic the natural life and death cycle of the species, the end result the same: allowing them to continue to exist and remain immortal as an species (just like humans), the code instead of being polymorphic code: breaking apart and recombining with another set of instructions would instead rely on asexual reproduction: copying and pasting the same code continually to achieve the same result. I think this type of replication is more vulnerable to the original code degrading or fraying, its not as stress tested from mutation or error as sexual reproduction. Some animals are capable of asexual reproduction and virgin births if there are no males, some can do it, some use it as their exclusive method of replication. I believe aphids mostly use asexual reproduction, and some condors and snakes and maybe frogs and fish can have virgin births if no males are present.

There has already been intervention in our own genetic evolution and in other species as well. It does not matter if the changes were made by an external force or internal. Humans are beginning to hack the DNA code with crispr technologies. I cant wait until we can edit our code to the point where we can ditch the code and exist as pure energy. We may have already bootstrapped our own existence from nothing. Replication is an awesome topic.



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