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I was at this protest in Austria (not Australia, lol) and there were clear rules. Masks had to be worn or the protest would not be allowed, which is when the police will be allowed to whatever means required to disperse the crowd.

Also, there were maybe a dozen police officers from the "Freedom party" union of police officers who were there to "protest". I think it may very well have been a ploy to keep people calm.

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Typically there will be a little bit of error correction in the QR-codes, but this may very well work.

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From videos that I have seen, they produce at least half a dozen vials per second, each containing 5-6 doses, which would reduce the time needed by about a factor of 30-36, which would make it take about a year. But that was only one production line. I think it is possible to produce that amount of this stuff.

However, what worries me more is the logistics of administering the clotshots in combination with the relatively short time of "protection" it gives.

Let's assume we want to vaccinate 100 million people twice a year. That would be 200 million people in 365 days, meaning you have to vaccinate 550,000 people per day.

That is doable, but would take a large effort.

The real problem is then of course that, assuming the protection wears of linearly, by the time you reach your last vaccination, the people who were vaccinated first, will have no protection left. So in reality, even with huge effort vaccinating, you population will only ever have about half the maximum protection.

I have not heard anything about this, but I will be using this information when I will go in front of a judge to explain why I refuse to take the vaccination.

The strategy is failed no matter how you look at it. And this is because the vaccines just do not work well enough. Imagine the vaccine would offer a 5 year protection, then this would not be an issue at all.

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What is the date of this screenshot? I have checked the live page, which has different content.

I checked the internet archive, but even snapshots from earlier this year do not show this information.

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Well, yes and no. Where I live, the hooligans are feared, because they are organized and will use violence, even against the government.

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Do you want a serious answer? Because I could write a script to determine the actual probability :-P

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It will take some time, but with a bit of training and planning, I bet you could flip one of those vehicles with a few long poles and a few dozen heavy people.

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Who do they think grows the food? What kind of an absurd world view is this?

Anyone who has lived in a rural area loves the closeness to nature and loves getting their fingers dirty.

Urban living IS degenerate in many ways. How can these people claim "muh climate change" and at the same time claim rural life is "fascist".

It's maddening

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He is about as black as a Spaniard or an Italian in Europe. I don't understand why he is even considered "black". Oh, yeah, he does have very curly hair, but that is about it.

It just shows how deeply rooted the racial based worldview is at the left.

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I was at the protest today in Vienna. There were a few incidents with people throwing beer at police. A few arrests. One drunk guy threw a bottle, but that is about it. There was no real violence.

Now, Rotterdam is something else. But these are immigrant youth, mostly. Moroccans.

It's funny how the Islamic population in Europe is resisting much more than the natives. They definitely do not get the jab and never will.

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I was there. MSM claim 38.000 people attended, but I heard on police radio it was more like 350.000 people.

The next big demonstration is on the 4th of December, but between then and now demonstrations will continue.

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I was never really sure if I had any principles, but these troubling times have shown me that, yes, I have principles and I have gotten to know them. They are incredibly strongly embedded at the core of my soul.

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Some feminists say, you can not have an opinion about abortion, unless you have a womb (you are a woman).

Of course this logic is flawed, because a pregnant woman is not pregnant with her own body; a fetus is NOT her body. This is also why "my body, my choice" makes no sense.

However, in an attempt to use this kind of logic against this vile person:

New rule: You can not be a proponent of pedophilia, unless you have children of your own.

PS: My body, my choice works very well as an argument against the vaccine. I would only inject it into my body. I am not endangering anyone by not getting it as these people could get vaccinated themselves and be "fully immunized", right? lol

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These media liars will get their day. Driven onto the streets. Their heads shaven. Kicked and beaten by the people who have had enough.

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Aaaand he is one of the tribe. Always them

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This is just a fancy word for "underwear"

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13, 50...

But when a white guy snaps it is his fault and only his...

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Last thing I heard he and his wife emigrated to Greece and became Greeks. It was in my local media even.

Something about pedophilia in Greek law being different

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