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If a woman with her intelligence, resources and even truth on her side, can fail to avoid prison, wtf chance did any of us have. Glad I didn't go

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How do you get an entire police department to turn its back on children being murdered? It just seems highly unlikely that not ONE of those boys, who are probably members of the community themselves, stepped up and said fuck the orders, I'm going in.

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Sorry but Florida already had its day in the Barrel. What was that piece of shits name that got fired for not responding to a school shooting in Florida?

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In Star Trek, wasn't their an ancient race of Omniscient beings known as the "Q"? I remember he took Picard to a planet where they were all bored of living forever. And eventually, Q stripped this man of his powers because he intervened on behalf of Cpt. Picard. Leaving him mortal.


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Oh, I saw a Tim pool video yesterday that said they had succeeded

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But will she be allowed on the ballot now? Aren't democrats going to ban her?

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Where can I find my shareholder reference number?

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Says it's not available in my country,

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Sodium Flouride(what they treat our water with) is bad, Calcium Flouride actually fortifies teeth.

I've yet to meet a dentist that doesn't look at me like a retard when I say this.

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My baby sister Erin died of SIDS at 3 months, I always wondered. See you in Heaven sis, love you.

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How do meteors always manage to land in craters?

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Anyone know what the largest impediments are holding RF out of the last sector? i.e the steel factory?

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I just hope this thread itself doesn't endanger our boys deploying. Thanks for the inside intel!

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