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Inactive for three years, suddenly gets a new post labeled "Please Stop" just a few minutes ago.

Totally organic. Totally.

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Depends. In the last month or so of his life, he realized what was really going on, and turned his fury towards Democrats.

Then they killed him.

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As I said before, MMA and professional wrestling are the last bastions of high-T entertainment (well, this is a woman, but you get the idea).

This is the perfect time for a new pro wrestling boom period, like we had from 1998-2001.

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"We have it all."

No room for doubt.


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I absolutely sympathize with Sean Hannity on this.

I sometimes have so damn much info in my head that I feel that if I don't get it out of me at the right time, I'll forget it and the conversation will be that much worse off for the lack of it. Call it a form of OCD.

However, that does NOT make for a good television interview. And you'd think Sean would have trained himself to not do that by now.

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Eh, it happens to us all at some point in our lives. Don't sweat it.

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Sounds good...except that's not a plus sign. It's a minus sign.

71 minus 17 is 54.

What's Article 54?

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What was that story someone linked here a day or two ago, about a hunter shooting a deer, it goes right through it, and the deer walks off, stumbles as it gets weaker and weaker, then falls down to die?

Because its fate was sealed not when it fell, but when it was shot?

Something like that.


Edit: Found it.

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I had no idea. Thanks for this.

The Swamp would absolutely do this, though.

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Way ahead of you on the olive and coconut oils.

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I started using a lot more butter and ghee, instead of seed oils, largely because of GAW.

Beef tallow, however, has proven far more difficult to find.

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That was from Bill Hicks? The way I heard it, I thought it was meant to be taken completely seriously.

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I once heard a theory...

On every newly-inaugurated President's first day in office, right after the speech ends, some intelligence guys take him to a secure location, and without saying a word, play a video showing a never-before-seen angle of JFK's assassination.

They stop the video, and say to the new President exactly two words.

"Any questions?"

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You'd be surprised. It's why one movie--I think it was King Of Kings--never showed His face, only showing Him from behind as He was being crucified.

I believe The Robe was the first movie to show a Jesus actor's face.

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71-17...could it mean Q 1771? "Think mirror" and all that?


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Someone's going to show that meme of what is claimed to be Neil Armstrong's spacesuit with flat-soled boots, followed by the ribbed footprint on the moon.

I just know it.

Ockham's Razor: Neil had more than one suit. Or that wasn't Neil's.

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To think some still refuse to see this movie because "no graven image..."

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It served the country well for a century and a half before the Fed. We'll be fine.


n sheeeit.

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I don't think you get it.

Silver/Gold Certificates are what we used before Federal Reserve Notes.

They could be traded in at any bank for the same amount in silver/gold coin, "payable to the bearer on demand."

So you get exactly what you want.

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