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When is the last honest one? No difference between no election and stolen election.

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Just watch. This is going to prove liberals call the shots.

Trump got rid of Ryan. This goes nowhere without Trump in the White House.

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For the life of me, I don't get the broohaha for this gal. Re tweeted by Trump?

I think she's a distraction.

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We are over 30 TRILLION in debt. Taxes will not be eliminated. Manipulated but will be here forever.

My phone bill still has a tax to pay for the Spanish American war.

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... a published poet ....



Roses be red

Violets be blue.

defund da cops.

so I be dead too

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Twit, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TicToc, and on and on ...

All are weapons created by DARPA or a similar...

And look who the weapons are used on.

The US Military may not be who you hope they are. Don't take my word for it, ask that dude in a dress what he has to say.

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The acceptance of the homo agenda is the tinder of hell. A practitioner will light the match that will consume them.

Do not feel bad for laughing. He is hell spawn. Know it and act accordingly.

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... oh, look, the convicted pedo has a new post. Feinstein will not burn in hell alone.

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It is hard to have compassion for those who attacked us for no other reason than we wanted to control our health decisions. Not the taking of unborn life but our life. And only our life.

It's hard to have compassion for those who attacked us and will attack us again.

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The jail meme was not done by Q.

So it's inhabitants should not be construed to be of a more significant meaning.

The overall idea is what's important.


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I know. A lot of shit gets said over the years. This quote has always stuck in my mind. It's what I thought of when I read your post. Hell, it could be in satan's koran for all I know. Strange what you remember from your childhood.

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I cannot site a source but I remember from my youth hearing,

You know God has cursed your land when a woman rules over you.

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Spilled out of the eyes and wherever.

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Make no mistake, The internet, google, twit, facebook. They are all weapons.

Does anybody really think our government would loose any of these weapons to anyone? Musk is not what many are saying he is.

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You wouldn't believe the number of video links friends send me. They all seem to be 50+ minutes.

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