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Had DIRECTV for 23 years and my son suggested we get a ROKU stick. We bought two sticks on Amazon (the 4K) - one for the bedroom and one for the kitchen.

ABSOLUTELY the best thing we could have done.

I upped my Router to 100 Mbps and got it for $20.00 less a month than what I was paying for before as long as we keep it for 2 years.

I highly suggest you try it.

And we are looking into a ROKU device to download shows to - not sure if we need it though. Just a thought as it will take awhile to get used to going to each channel to watch the shows we usually saved on the DIRECTV receiver.

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Just a quiet thought here....

Regardless of the platform, it needs to have a way to make sure that the posts are NOT pedo, illegal, terrorist based, etc.

So, I do not have an issue with removing/monitoring those types of posts. Without it you open the platform to garbage and I, for one, am looking forward to an open platform that is, at the very least, TV14 based!

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And just like that!!!!! Neil Young's career went further down the drain. At this rate, with stars dying and becoming woke, there will no longer be an entertainment industry. We need our Patriots to start entertaining us.

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Live in suburb of Woodbury, Mn. And do not see shortages anywhere except in Target and Walmart.

Local stores are well stocked.

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I have them and been with them for 23 years. When I found out about OAN I just spent an hour researching ROKU!

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My National Enquirer front page article states as follows:


Looks like the somewhat MSM has turned on sleepy Joe.

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Not only commercials.....even shows. In fact, just the other night I told hubby "The next person who says the white people are taking away jobs of the black, haven't been watching TV!"

Frankly, the TV shows we still watch appear to demonstrate they are far better actors than the Caucasians; with one exception "Yellowstone" which is our favorite TV show; followed by "1883".

As difficult as life was back then, I believe I would have made a great frontier wife because I love how they lived and love how hard they worked to make life as comfortable as possible for their family. Life without electronics seems to me to be heaven. When we lose electricity here, I am so prepared for it. We even have old fashioned lamps that run on oil.

So sorry....I digress. Have a great night, all.

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Have to agree! I LOVE my Lilly (Corgi)

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Just want to say Ashland Dog, that I love your posts and it's not just because of your adorable Corgi.

Anyone who has a Corgi, is a person with a heart and integrity.

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I wonder if this has anything to do with the Elijah Streams podcast with Robin Bullock?

He spoke of assassination attempts on DJT.


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I feel blest to be part of this platform, but I do take umbrage when we are shamed for "not doing our part."

I'm not sure about the rest of my friends here, but I do know that many of us are here to receive information and share information and get support when things get too depressing.

I also know that there are many of us who do what we can to help get our Country back.

For me, and I am sure many others, the ONLY thing we can do is post and share our ideas due to physical inabilities and/or age.

If I were 20 years younger and in much better health, I would be happy to do everything you stated. I am not. A great friend and neighbor died this past weekend, and I will not be able to attend the service due to my physical disabilities. Hubby will have to go for the two of us.

You say "sue someone" - how many of us have the money to do so?

I don't know how old you are, but your post does not help with the issues we are facing and you sound like an angry child.

You make a statement that "all of the people on this board want a conservative world and a humane society, yet here most people are sitting around waiting for something to happen." I will state again...you have no idea who we are or what we are living with or for that matter, if any of us have run for elections, or have gotten involved.

I will pray for you to reign in your anger and be more supportive of those of us who are NOT in a position to do all the things you want us to do.

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Not sure this will help with narcolepsy, but I use RIFE vibrations for just about every ache, injury, or pain. I set it up to repeat and listen for an hour or more during the day and all night.

Treatment for Narcolepsy - Cure Healing Rife Frequency


And this is a 5 minute video about where in the brain they believe the disorder stems from.

Narcolepsy – proteins like you’ve never seen them before


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In my home, the darkest has occurred and this lady has finally achieved the darkest hour.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better; but at this time in this movie, I have left the theater and my popcorn behind.

I'm tired. I see nothing that will make my Country come back before I die.

Please do not dox me or troll me, I am simply telling you all how I have lost 99% of hope that this will turn around.

I have put my life and trust and faith in GOD's hands and if HE turns it around I will praise HIM.

For now, I see no road to redemption for this Country. There is not one agency willing to hold the criminals accountable.

They continue to break every law and Constitutional right we have without impunity.

And we sit here and let it happen. Please do not talk about the plan. I have believed for years and see nothing to prove to me that there is a plan. I see a lot of "anons" doing impressive date deltas, but nothing that comes to reality.

It looks like there is only one avenue to get our Country back and that avenue is exactly what the DS want us to do.

We are caught between a rock and a hard place and where it ends is truly not something that everyone will be able to accept. Could it be another civil war?

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In order to arrest, have trials, prosecute and incarcerate, we need an entire judicial system willing to do it and we currently do not have that in our "tool box."

Until "we" have honest judges, honest attorneys general, honest law enforcement, honest military, honest prosecutors, etal...rounding them all up now or anytime until we have 100% of an honest judiciary it would be a waste of time.

And in my humble opinion even waiting until summer will not make one iota of difference. Either the Military actually does what their oath dictates and re-instates Donald Trump back into the seat of the Presidency because of a foreign coop of our Country or there is nothing in the judicial system that will give us back our Republic.

EVERYONE with a brain knows their was fraud. We have videos. We have witnesses. We have enough proof to incarcerate 100's of people from all the states you listed. Yet, not one person has been arrested. Why? Because the judicial system we have currently in place will not do it. They are being paid more money than either of us could imagine and as I said, until we have honest people in the courts, absolutely nothing will happen. And until we can arrest the people who are paying for the desecration of this Country, nothing will happen.

I take that back....they may throw a single person under the bus to make it look like they are taking care of the crimes, just to appease the sheep.


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Or for a cleaner solution try using binaural beats. 😉

Bowel Disease Relief – Subliminal Messages + Isochronic Tones For IBS, IBD & Crohn's


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And the very same to you LoneWulf! May GOD bless you and your family each and every day. I love all my friends on this platform and appreciate each and every one of you more than you will ever know.

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Thank you so very much! Kids and wives were over so this is my first chance to get on GAW! Blessings to each and every one the Great Awakening friends. I love you all and pray for everyone each and every day.

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Not sure this is the answer to the rash but.....

I went thru 8 years of an autoimmune disease that caused hives from top to bottom. I spent 4 years on a steroid which had horrific side effects.

I spent hours researching and found a drug called Xolair that I was able to use and get off of the prednisone.

But during the prednisone time, it didn't always work quickly and I started using something called super cold aerosol spray. VERY CAREFULLY SPRAY IT ON THE ITCHY PART OF THE AREA AS IT DOES FREEZE THE SKIN. I sprayed it sparingly and let it dry and it eliminated the rash by actually freezing the skin.

You will get a scab where it froze the skin but the cause of the rash was eliminated.

I did this several times over the 4 years on Prednisone. I never had to do it again during the 4 years on Xolair.

Then about 2 weeks ago I had another attack of itchy rash on my foot. I suspect it was from shedding.

I used my can of super cold spray (on Amazon) - sprayed it once a day for 3 days and put antibiotic cream on it. The rash disappeared. The scab appeared (and it itches but only because it is healing) and I continue to put antibiotic cream on it.

It is clearing up but I will never be without the freezing spray! NEVER!

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A part of me agrees with you.
I honestly believe he should AVOID ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE VACCINE.

He could simply say the vax is a person's choice and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEAVE IT THERE!

He has to stop talking about it and he has to stop telling people to get it if they want to.

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