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No jab is the main thing - you didn't cave, kept your integrity, much respect to you, fren.

Job will come in the future (if that's what you want).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us ❤️

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In some ways, I think people that caved and say 'no more' are more opposed than those of us who haven't gotten it yet (and don't ever plan to).

It seems to me that the longer we can hold out, the more evidence will get presented against it and the constitution will be upheld by the courts to be on our side, and the tyrannical behavior of companies' mandates will start to fall apart.

Stand strong, and good luck!

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That is awesome of you to step into the leadership vacuum - I wish you and your co-workers the best. Please keep us posted.

I have a friend who caved to the jab due to work 'requirements' back in November, he so regrets it today and is saying 'no more' as are others there.

I hope those on the edge are able to stay strong with your encouragement!

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Good luck to you.

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If people waited until they had enough money, education, knowledge, time, and common sense to have kids, we would all be extinct by now 😂

Maybe you should move out and get your own place - I don't know about Canada with that POS Trudeau 'in charge', but is joining the military an option?

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Aw, you should cut your folks some slack - they are only trying to do the best for you with what they know.

It wasn't too long ago that schools were actually pretty good, times change.

-26C, you must live in Canada ❄️

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Thank you for taking the time to write and share this, you hit the nail on the head - all we want is truth and accountability, and no matter how much or how long they scream and try to pound into our heads that the election was NOT stolen or that January 6th WAS an insurrection, we believe our own eyes and ears over theirs.

I know it is selfish, but I truly hope justice will be served, in addition to Mr Global simply not getting his way.

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Thank you so much for your upbeat and uplifting perspective.

I voted for President Trump both times, but I didn't truly appreciate him until after the steal, when my eyes were opened - Best. President. Ever.

Your comment with Sponge Bob and Squidward was spot-on! 🍔

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I liked that he did voices on Robot Chicken - didn't know about this other stuff

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DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD! is what first came to my mind 😄

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Yeah, very disappointed about Mark Hamil as well.

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That's exactly what I came here to say too.

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