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If one door closes, another will open. Relax, be yourself and let the chips fall where they may. I have been there too many times.

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The fish smell means kidney failure. Its time. Im so sorry.

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The whole denazification thing was pretty important

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Me too. I remember i had this big thick grey covered book of all Peanuts. Sure wish I still had that.

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1st term drained the swamp to levels so low you can see it all.

by BQnita
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Q clearance Patriot. My Fellow Americans.....

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He deliberately broke his gag order. His Truth posts were fire...and very calculated. Is this where SHTF? He gave judge doofus no choice but to arrest him. IMO USSS wont allow that to happen. So what then.? Bailiffs come over to cuff him and walk him out...Secret Service say no fucking way. Stand off in the courtroom? Much popcorn will be needed today.

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Yep...I would estimate zero chance. Besides, I didnt read Meadows like that. Trump didnt either according to his comments

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That was a big story, I am sure Fournier did a double face palm when he found out it was BS Yes...took guts to retract. Look in the comments..he outs the source as former rep Mark Walker

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The whole Qatar banking thing was something I didnt know about. But he puts it together nicely.

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Trump has the serve. The ball is in his court . This is a Boom.

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