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This place has lost the thread.

I remember when TRUTH was the only thing that mattered here. Now there’s a narrative that must be supported, even if the facts about Tim Ballard and OUR must be buried or ignored.

I’m sure I’ll get banned for this, so take it easy, y’all. Don’t settle for anything less than the TRUTH.

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They are what’s known as a secret combination. Read all about it in a book called Ether.

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I wonder why it feels qualified to tell you what’s important and not important.

Sounds an awful lot like Mockingbird media to me.

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Reminds me of those free vaccines they were offering me a couple years back.

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It was a Mormon, who was working his second “security officer” job.

Every major CIA op has a statistically unlikely high number of LDS men involved.

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You also make very good points.

I agree that protecting children should be priority number one. Which is why I’m so concerned that the puppet masters are using the issue to drive one side of the population into frothing madness, instead of doing the things needed to protect the children. Quantitatively, things are worse today in this area than they were 6 years ago. That’s an inescapable fact.

God bless you, fren. God bless us all.

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It’s not strange if you’re not blinded by the need for Elon to be a good guy because of the flawed premise of your hypothesis.

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Great question.

The problem occurs when one group strategically weaponizes one half of the population against “pedos and child traffickers” while simultaneously weaponizing the other half of the population against “fascists and homophobes”.

This type of strategy is what leads to wars of extermination: always has, always will.

Each side feels justified in ignoring actual evidence in the name of their “cause”, instead of eliminating the group that is manipulating both sides.

Take the Sound of Freedom movie. It’s easy to establish the relationship between OUR, Tim Ballard, and UT AG Sean Reyes. It’s also easy to find the video of Sean Reyes telling the President of the UN General Assembly to “let him know if there’s anything we can do to help” when Korosi recently visited UT, including a visit with the Mormon aristocracy, who in turn just came back from meeting with the Pope a couple years ago (Not a direct quote, don’t have the bandwidth to grab the clip). If it was John Podesta instead of Sean Reyes everyone here would be all over that. But since Reyes is on “your team”, everyone here ignores the evidence.

Y’all think you’re on a team. You’re not. Ask the J6 prisoners if you don’t believe me.

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No vitriol. Honestly.

And you deserve to be proud of the work you’re doing on the local level. Sincerely.

But to keep your eyes closed to whom your working FOR, and all the lies, broken promises, and grifting you’re enabling makes you no different than the sincere Clinton Foundation volunteers who argue with me the same way you are right now.

“Sitting in my chair”. That one made me laugh. Man, people around here crack me up sometimes.

One last question, and I’ll let you have the final word. With all that training you did, how many children have you personally kept or saved from being trafficked? With all my heart I hope the number is greater than zero.

Enjoy those fundraisers.

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I posted a video last night. You should be able to find it in my post history. It shows the document from the Haitian official, amongst other things.

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I’d love to hear more about your experience.

What did you do with OUR? What was the vetting process? Did you ever meet with Sean Reyes, or any of the three LDS apostles who have purportedly invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the organization?

Were you there when Tim was saying he wouldn’t take a salary from the organization, or was this after he pumped his yearly salary from $300,000 to $550,000 a year?

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I’m grateful you at least did some research. Thanks for that.

I’m not here to argue with anyone.

And I’m far less concerned with polygamy than I am with the LDS Church’s DOCUMENTED agreement with the CIA from 1984 in which the agency stated it had gone to BYU to recruit senior officials from the Church, received an endorsement of their mission, and that the “Elders” would meet to discuss the potential undercutting of the Church’s mission.

I would post a link but I’ve been told by the mods that’s self-promotion, and that Mormons are nice people and I shouldn’t say mean things about them. Which is funny, because I am one of them.

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Just like the Clinton Foundation, Ballard’s OUR has Haitian officials who have claimed they were engaging in all manner of immoral and illegal practices inside their country.

But they’re the “good guys”, so we ignore the evidence, and pray that we haven’t been beguiled for years, despite the lack of any true justice.

Justice delayed is Justice denied.

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Again, this reporter has DECADES of stories that have proven to be accurate.

He gives his email at the end of the video (which you clearly didn’t watch). Why don’t you email him and edited your concerns?

He’s been on this story for years. The only thing off about the timing is that y’all here never took the time to investigate your idols like you do your enemies, so now you’re caught with your pants down, heavily invested in a lie- just like your “enemies”.

God save us all.

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Do you know who this journalist is? He has had a long, storied career calling out fraudsters and scam artists. He’s not DS.

There’sa saying around these parts that gets brought up when it’s convenient: believe them when they tell you what they’re doing.

Watch this video, and believe them when they tell you the point of this movie is to weaponize… you. You are one half of the dialectic they are hoping will spill over into real life violence in this country. Will you allow yourself to be weaponized by propaganda? Or will you keep your wits about you, and work to solve the problems of the world as the Christians so many of you claim to be?

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Uh, OP, how did you know to be watching that Twitter feed today, looking for a timestamp that points to a fairly random Q post.

That’s pretty impressive, to say the least.

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Shame on you for using logic and reason.

Made my day… thank you!

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This is a government worker who volunteered to go help kids at the border.

Ended up realizing the kids were being trafficked.

No Hollywood, no actors, just the real thing. An actual red pill.

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I’d like you to read your comment again, slowly.

And then ask yourself, “if my comment is true, and Mel is still alive, what would my next question be if I were thinking logically?”.

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Oh, so if an investigation is CLOSED, we just move on?

That’s a fine double standard you have there, friend. Good luck finding the truth.

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Um, no. You’re not the boss of me, comrade. I don’t consent.

I spent years providing sauce here. I don’t do others work for them anymore.

I tell the truth, and people can go confirm it if they actually care.

Most here don’t, at this point.

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Durham just put a set of facts on the record in front of Congress,

Stated that he won’t discuss under things under seal

And now this?

Okay, you’ve got my attention.

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Have you all stopped to think about the fact that you may be being emotionally manipulated?

Have you ever looked into Mel Gibson like you look into Beyonce?

Have you ever looked into Caviezel like you look into Hunter?

Have you looked into Ballard like you look into the Clinton Foundation?

Have you traced the funding sources for this movie, and the people and institutions behind it?

Have you ever looked into your own heart and thought, “for somebody who supposedly knows a lot about how the game is played, I may not be doing my due diligence because the issue of harming children is the one thing I just can’t tolerate, so I’m willing to go back to sleep if I think I’m supporting people who will stop that from happening?”.

I don’t know, just some things to think about, I guess.

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