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LDS Church President and Skull and Bones initiate Russell M. Nelson said “Time is short” a couple years ago. It’s almost like… nah, couldn’t be.

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According to the mods I shouldn’t say anything bad about Mormons, even though I’m a member of the Church who just happens to notice that people like Ray Epps are Mormon, and Mormon intelligence assets are documented at Watergate, RFK assassination, J6, and meeting with BYU and Church leaders right before the Trump impeachment and Covid-19 event. Not to mention all the docs in the CIA reading room that directly talk about the Church’s relationship with the agency.

And I can’t share my sauce with you because that’s “self promotion”. Good luck, y’all!

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Whether this video is real or not, these things are happening. Look up “Dynalectron CIA human trafficking Bulgaria” to get an idea of how it works.

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It’s literally in Russell M. Nelson’s autobiography.

And Hales’ marriage announcement.

And the Utonian yearbooks.

SMH. This place has turned into a dumpster fire. Are there ANY researchers here still?

Your appeal to authority is going to look very bad if anyone actually looks into this. https://ldsabuse.info

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5, 10, 15, huh?

Hard to have a conversation on a common set of facts when he doesn’t have a fact for us to talk about.

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That’s a great point. I hope people will use discernment.

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It’s all primary source documents that are publicly available. People just have to look. I’ve started a library at https://ldsabuse.info but can’t even keep up with that project, not to mention begging people who claim to be researchers to take 30 minutes to take a look.

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Don’t know anything about the kids. Know a lot about secret societies, and KNOW that prominent Mormon leaders have been a major part of them.

Businessmen, too.

Huntsman Marriott Romney

Is Elon Musk’s right hand man a Mormon? He is.

What about politicians? Yup. Bennets owned companies that were tied directly to Watergate actors, and shown to be a front for CIA operations.

Ignore if you want. This place used to be a place where researchers set aside their cultural conditioning and did the hard work of digging, often based on far less sauce than I’ve already given y’all. My observation is that there are few of those kinds of people here anymore. Hoping some people will prove me wrong.

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Just go do the research. Nelson and Hales, Skull and Bones. Ballard, Sigma Chi. Haight was secret society. Wirthlin. The network is incredibly deep when you look at mission presidents and area authorities.

You not believing it doesn’t change a thing. People doing the research might change the world.

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It would benefit you all to understand more about Tim Ballard, and his spiritual advisor, M. Russell Ballard before jumping in this bandwagon:


M. Russell Ballard is secret society through and through, along with other LDS leaders.

Up to y’all, though. I’ve got too much on my plate to hand feed it to you. You could check out https://ldsabuse.info for a head start.

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I concede the point and state again this is why I there are no political solutions to our problems in the formerly United State of America.

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No. Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad area not worth promoting. See Lynn Packers YouTube channel for why.


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Normalizing “no one is above the law” is one of the most beautiful Overton Windows shifts I’ve ever seen.


The people gloating today are going to wake up one morning to realize what a mistake it was to open their digital mouths, as they face the consequences of their own poor choices.

No one is above the law.

A true Constitutional principle that is being re-enshrined as a self-evident truth in the public consciousness, on a red letter day on what I believe may be fairly accurate models of God’s calendars.


Perhaps there is still hope.

The effects of it can hardly be overstated.

EDIT: almost 400,000 cases in the PACER system, I think I saw yesterday. My understanding is the each sealed indictment can hold up to 99 names.

This shift of the Overton Window is profound, because when those sealed indictments get unsealed, somewhere between 400,000 and 4 million people are going to be prosecuted under this newly agreed upon social norm.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

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Letter to Richer

Mr. Richer,

I have somehow been dragged into an argument with a bunch of conspiracy theorists that involves the Maricopa County Recorder's Office. Based on my research you seem to feel that there is nothing to hide regarding records and elections in Maricopa County, so I thought I might be so bold as to reach out to you directly and ask for some information in order to help settle one point in the debate I'm engaged in.

In 2020, on his way out the door, former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes is quoted as saying: "Given the limited circumstances under which a document can be rejected for recording, there have been situations when ‘bad actors’ submit fraudulent or forged records.

Therefore, the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office recommends that you proactively check records recorded with our office and those at the Assessor’s office:

RECORDER website (scroll down to search by Last/First Name) ASSESSOR website (search by entering Owner Name or Address)

If you believe that any fraudulent documents have been recorded involving the ownership of your property, please contact your local law enforcement agency or the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. More information about Financial Institution/Mortgage Fraud is available from the FBI.

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office will do all it can by cooperating with law enforcement and on any investigation in the pursuit of justice."


While I'm sure that you're not thrilled with your predecessor's last-minute acknowledgment of system vulnerabilities and the presence of fraudulent documents in the Recorder's Office information systems, I think it's important that you go on the record regarding whether what Mr. Fontes said is factually and materially true, and still the official position of the Maricopa County Recorder and his office.

As somebody who might desire to do business in Maricopa County in the future, I would certainly like to have an idea of whether the current Recorder is aware of the scope and nature of what I will colloquially refer to as the "fraudulent document problem", and also what is being done to mitigate it by the public servants and county employees tasked with managing these systems.

I hope you can see that it's hard for a simple citizen such as myself to know whether a document is fraudulent, seeing as though I don't have expertise in law or real estate, or the technology to build digital fingerprints to verify signatures with, so it would be nice to know that the Recorder's Office itself is doing something proactive to a) ensure fraudulent documents don't get recorded, b) keep and maintain a record of fraudulent documents as they are found, c) cooperate with local law enforcement agencies and investigators who might be concerned about the consequences of fraudulent data being stored in a publicly available, tax funded database when such records are found, and d) report to the public on the scope and nature of the problem on a regular basis (perhaps quarterly, as you already have a quarterly report the office puts out), so wise, prudent, virtuous citizens can make good decisions about whom to do business with, and where to conduct it.

I thank you for your prompt reply, and for answering my questions as soon as humanly possible.


<my name>

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I don’t know, but I definitely think you should go out and protest on his behalf the next time he asks you to.

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You should look Ray Epps up in the Maricopa County Recorders Office online system.

Lots of interesting land deals around that guy and his wife. Like the one where he sells land to a guy and his wife who have had something like 18 addresses in the last few years. That one is definitely worth looking at.

Then you should think about what John Thaler and his team have been telling us about the Maricopa County racketeering organization.

Then you should take a nap.

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It appears they may be removing docs from the system as I uncover them.

Going to spend today figuring out how to move this research back into the public. The owner of the board suddenly moved it to a private area, right around the same time I posted here, so now people can’t see it unless they register for the forum.

I’ll be back tonight hopefully with a link to a public area where everyone can view things without having to register for anything.

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