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Well, be careful…we’re not allowed to be pissed or disappointed or you’ll be called a doomer and downvoted. Unbelievable.

Doesn’t mean jumping ship….cuz there is no other option. Doesn’t mean we lose our faith, stop fighting or “put our trust in man over God” as some are trying to say.

Just means some of us are pissed. Which is perfectly reasonable. It’s easy for a billionaire to weather two more years of destruction…some anons not so much.

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Wth…why the downvotes. We are not allowed to have an opinion other than cheerleading for two more years?

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That thot crossed my mind….all eyes on while something else happens. But I’m too pissed right now to care.

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My horses have busted out of the corral and run away. I’ll go find them…maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Whatever.

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Yup. So far…just s Trump rally. Very disappointed….

Wait…he just said he won’t let Biden have 4 more years in 2020. What?

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“…our carters…take our carters back…”


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Yup…not happy. Just another rally so far.

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“They” don’t want him. “They” want her. Read about her past, parents, how they met, married and her “foundations” and charities.

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