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That’s the common reading. But what other biblical figure likes starting his sentences with “Thou shalt”?

Haha fun with that one.

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He didn’t. But one could easily argue he commanded Peter to “deny me three times.”

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My friend, your dream was more clear than that. You were just called upon to HEAL and RESURRECT others. Not just the spiritually dead. The dead. The maimed. The tortured. The wounded. The sick. “Lazarus! COME FORTH!!!!”

You say it right there yet you took a step back and opted to see that as symbolic of simply reaching out and waking people up?

You can be Morpheus or you can be Neo. The one seeking to wake the one because he lacks the faith to do it himself. The one who dabbles. Who gets it in theory but not in practice. Who preaches it, who feels it deep down but refuses to see it in himself…or you can let go of fear and doubt completely and realize that in this reality, or in any other reality that ever was or ever will be, you are the Neo you are looking for.

When David Dunn realizes what he is he asks Elijah Price what he should do now. Elijah replies: “Go where people are.” David takes to a train station and stands in the middle of the bustling crowd, raising his arms from his side to make contact with as many people as possible…he makes the choice to believe…closes his eyes…and decides to trust what he sees in his mind.

“There are powerful people out there who don’t want us to know the truth about ourselves. I believe that if just a few of us start to see what we are truly capable of, others will awaken. We give each other permission to be superheroes. We will never awaken otherwise.”

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Patriots are in control. NCSWIC. Enjoy the show.

When I read posts like this I actually wonder if you know which board you’re posting on. Over here we don’t see R and D anymore. We know how the movie ends so we don’t get ruffled by the kinds of things we would have viewed as losses in days past. We see Trump getting indicted unfairly as a good thing to establish precedent for the boomerang that’s coming. Why would we not look at this like that too? Your concern would be more welcome on PDW, not here. Here we look at things differently. Here, when anything seemingly good OR bad happens we merely nod and say “Interesting development. Let’s see how it plays out.”

Here we peddle in faith, not fear, and I like it that way. Don’t get sucked back into the Matrix, fren. All will be well. Your congressman has already picked a side. He doesn’t care about his career he cares about his LIFE. No amount of calls or letters will sway him away from whatever move his team is asking him to play at this point. You’re better off doing what Q said “Pray. And don’t retreat from the digital battlefield.” If you want to raise alarm bells on other sites to do your part that’s fine, but like I said, here, we know what’s really happening and we have no reason to feel fearful or negative about the details.

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I’m starting to think the annual flu is a bioweapon they release every year. They just added a lot of marketing to this one so they could destroy our economy. But Trump turned into the torpedo.

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Yeah that’s weird. It’s a lifetime appointment so you’d think we’d remember her retiring.

*edit - just looked it up. She retired in 2006 to take care of her husband who had Alzheimer’s right after Alito was sworn in. So when Dubya was still President.

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He did it because Trump and the Q team he’s a part of told him to do it because it would be easily remedied and it was necessary to wake up the masses.

It’s amazing the vernacular many of us still opt to use on these issues despite knowing the truth. Biden isn’t Biden. Biden is dead. Patriots are in control. NCSWIC so enjoy the show.

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Ireland hasn’t fallen. The corrupt Irish government is pushing the people to reject them so they can be replaced with a true common sense government. All part of the plan.

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I do not. Putin only sent in like 20,000 troops and he basically just bombed all their biolabs, but they also killed an atomic bomb worth of people without using an atomic bomb? I call bullshit and the reactions by so many here to this “news” is confusing at best.

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Sorry this smacks of propaganda to me. Why is everyone here assuming this is real and clutching their pearls about it?

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Correct. Tired Christians not knowing history. Revelation happened already. We’re trying to fulfill Habakkuk and Isaiah. “As the waters cover the sea..”

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“And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.” Isaiah 4:1

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