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in public

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It's worse. Thata not some kid hes groping. Thats his daughter.

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Came here to say that also.

I'm wondering if it's some sort of requirement to publicly grope the kids to signal other evildoers that the kid is available for sex, acting, music, a life of servitude. 🤷‍♂️

In other words, the family is "Open for business".

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so is biden!!

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YEP. Must be no news today cause this shit is OLD

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But he breathes under water. Let’s see!

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Aquaman would look good in concrete boots.

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I wonder if you can fit a wood chipper with a Jeep-style snorkel kit.

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And no one did a thing. Everyone is guilty who saw this while filming it and did nothing.

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Everyone there is hoping for leftovers.

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Saw this a few months ago.

What was he posing for here? Some sort of Aquaman publicity thing? If so, who are all the guys in the background? Why is he posing for publicity photos with his hands DIRECTLY on the front of two young girl's chests anyway? Why did he think it would be a good idea to molest a young girl WHILE posing for publicity photos?

Makes my head spin.

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The shorter is his son.

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So he's groping an underage girl while also feeling up his son?

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I believe the girl is his daughter but I am not sure. I saw this a year or better ago and at that time, I think that's what someone said.

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So he's an incestuous child groper, got it.

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Makes will Smith look normal for all them times he kissed his very uncomfortable son on the lips on tv

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Yes, that would be correct. 🤬

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"These ppl are stupid"

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And she clearly did not want him doing what he was doing.

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The girls are not happy. They move his hands or hold them to stop it.

Geez arent there enough adult women to play with?! So sick of this crap!

When you are that young and the adults around you act like nothing bad is going on, what do you do? He is popular, and authority figure, and maybe someone they care about, but he makes them uncomfortable and anxious. Where is the protection for them?!

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I think the one on his right is a boy. But yes, both the happy.

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Ty. Sorry couldn't see that well on my phone

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I believe this dropped when Aquaman first hit theaters. If I recall correctly, those are his kids.

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People in the thread are trying to excuse it saying he was emotional. That doesn't excuse groping, his hand went deeper in the flowers he knew what he was doing.

Absolutely disgusting and that people are trying to excuse it makes them worse than him.

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self soothing on your daughter's chest? excuse me??

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I know just disgusting.

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Normies on Twitter saying it's fake he was just emotional wtf idiots double vaxxed mkultra zombies. They miss the point, why does he even have his hand on her chest? How old is she like 11-12? I have a daughter and I wouldn't think to have my arm and hand on her like that.

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Claim was the video was edited.

At the time this was a huge thing and actually led to Aquaman being dropped from several movies and rewrites happening.

Now go search. They buried a ton of it and paid outlets to say the video was doctored.


Which video is doctored? Neither. They used context movement of the Overton Window.

Look at https://youtu.be/F7Ntg58uKvc

  • go to 1:07
  • the article links to past 2:25 - they just wanted people to see the video after, lie, and say it never happened. All predicated on the attention span of a newt.
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Headline Consumption, bro.

We have to be autists.

What does that mean? exhaustive research.

Know everything about something before you move on. Read the headline only? Fook auf.

Real anons learn where this dude was born, his fav color, what condiment he eats fries w, and everything else is ea-z-cheez.

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I'm confused? That reply meant for me?

Been around the block doing "this" nearly 30 yrs

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Not at all meant for you. Was meant for those that were having issues digging this matter.

MileHiLife 2 points ago +2 / -0

Ha figured as much.. enjoy your contributions here, y000

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Cheers, MileHiLife. o7

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His fucking tennis racket hand is hard to miss.

Marius 2 points ago +3 / -1

DAMN! Obviously, no fear or any attempt to be subtle about this crap.

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God is watching. and so are we.

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I saw this a year ago. It's Aquaman!

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Looks like Aquaman has a nasty little secret. Those little girls do not look happy.

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They are his daughters and probably didn’t want to be there in the first place it’s boring.

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I know there are tons of pictures of them doing it.

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deserves what's coming to him that's for sure.

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Ugh! Even worse.

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The Hawaiian kings idolized Freemasons/ were masons. I bet he’s a descendant

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Wow, just wow.

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Who is this?

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Jason Momoa

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Maybe that’s why his wife divorced him?

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Theyre both his and Lisa Bonet's (the cosby show) kids. Son is the shorter one...

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Sorry but I have zero clue who that ass hat is. The children look very unhappy unhappy. What is wrong with the photographers not saying one word?

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That's his daughter. On his right is his son. I've seen a version that is speeded up at that very moment to look like he just brushed her by accident. He's sick.

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This did NOT happen. The official video released was footage only AFTER this. The OFFICIAL video.

So this didn't happen.

(Altho it did)

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These people should be publicly executed ...

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WTH? That's good daughter. Another actor that I've lost all respect for

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Posting publicly and ruining his career is probably the most effective approach. who will they retaliate against? I'm sure the poster has created insurance or privacy in some way.....

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Is that his kid or was Lisa Bonet married before being with him? Either way pretty fucked up.

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Extremely disappointing. I liked him from his SG:A days. He was always Ronon Dex to me.

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was married to Lisa Bonet. the girl (on the right) looks a lot like her. Bonet was on Cosby's show before she broke publicly. hooked up with lenny kravitz. (which is mostly why i know her.... i liked his music a long long time ago). then married this guy (samoa??) who is a bit younger than her.

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After seeing that above video, I've been skeptical about Lisa Bonet. Didn't she cash in a bit on calling out Bill Cosby, especially when he was going through his arrest and trial?

portuguesemama123 3 points ago +3 / -0

she craaaazy!

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He is the actor who plays Aquaman in the DC movies. His feature movie also stars Amber Heard as his paramour, Mera. It's just problematic all around.

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We gotta be careful about sharing these kinds of clips. I don't doubt Momoa is part of the Hollywood cabal and has likely sold his soul but those are his kids, daughter on the right and son on the left. They're fairly young still and he's not really doing anything all that pervy.

I say we need to be careful because if this gets a ton of upvotes and people share it with normies, they'll just laugh at us because they'll find out it's his kids. If he was pulling some Biden pedo shit, it would be a different story.

HunnyB 5 points ago +6 / -1

Are you kidding? Did you watch the video see her reaction? He's really reaching through the lei to get at her chest. My dad never touched me like that. If he had my mom would have made sure he no longer had a hand

they_live6 1 point ago +2 / -1

Yeah I'd say it's not appropriate for a public event and for her age but I don't really see any movements that look like he was doing anything beyond having his hand on his daughter while they stood for photos or whatever they were doing. Probably should have kept his hand to her shelters or arms for sure but I still think we're stretching with this one.

Just being real. To each their own but he just seems like a Dad who's affectionate with his kids. I don't see anything like groping or touching nipples.

With regards to her facial reaction, she could have been responding to anything we aren't seeing on camera.

I think there are sickos all over the place in Hollywood and politics, I just don't see much happening in this video that exposes anything.

No one has to agree with me :)

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Uhm, Biden took showers with his daughter.

portuguesemama123 3 points ago +4 / -1

anyone with daughters who laughs is, imho, broken. the hand does not go there-- mother or father. shoulder works fine.