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When the whole crowd was singing together, I teared up. This feels like a different reality. Like we exited that one. Where we all got to enjoy the fruits of President Trump's labour...now we've been going through hell for over 3 years. Thankfully more and more people are going to wake up between now and the election.

Which means we WILL get even more incredible moments like this one in the future. They will be celebrations like we've never seen before.

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Brand is a fascinating guy. Since his scuffle with YT not long ago, he’s now come out as Christian, in whatever sense that means for him.

He’s got a huge following and has likely increased traffic to Rumble massively.

So whether he’s controlled oppo or not, he’s having a hugely positive impact on people finding Christ.

I think that’s something we can all get behind.

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I have been witnessing almost everyone around me changing in big ways. I’ve noticed that’s more pronounced in those who have been vaccinated but it’s everyone.

Keep your eyes on God and Jesus. No matter what we go through, that’s the only way to get through to the other side.

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Just checked in Canada and they’ve added it here too!

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Jack streamed live from Comet Ping Pong, for anyone who isn’t aware. That was one of the first times I heard about him. Was a mostly stealthy visit. Don’t remember him saying too much to employees but he was definitely on the side of supporting Pizzagate.

It seemed. Going to CPP seems like a lot of effort if you don’t believe in something. Especially when you’re unknown online prior.

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I doubt MAGA would be stupid enough to think they can vote by texting.

The vast majority of us think ID should be required so how does texting achieve that? It doesn’t.

I live in Canada and we have to show government issued photo ID to vote in any of our elections. Municipal, provincial and federal.

I remember being shocked that that wouldn’t be the case in the US or that anyone think it should be that way.

A bank issued check is not the same as a graphic made to look like an advertisement.

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So it was a good Photoshop job.

Was it because they did a good fake that he is going to jail?

Would he be in jail if it was only 90% believable?

I’m a graphic designer. If I made a fully believable fake of a Biden campaign ad to post on Twitter saying “vote for me, I’ll nuke Gaza!”

Then 10k believed it and changed their votes, would I go to jail for that?

Or is that the fault of the morons who didn’t go check the official site or find out if it was real?

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The fact is…Q never said either.

  1. Do nothing and wait
  2. Local action

Flynn was on X22! One of the biggest Q-focused podcasts. We can’t ignore that. He said he has respect for Dave called him a “big boy”. He clearly has listened to a lot of it and still went on it for the interview.

This does not make me think Gen. Flynn is anti-Q.

Anons do not typically believe in one specific thing. Some things are generally accepted but as far as solutions or actions for Anons to take, there isn’t anything set in stone.

Nothing about his comment disproves Q at all. It could simply be another point to prove that even people as Senior as Flynn don’t have to agree on everything. He could be just pushing certain discussion points.

He may even be on here reading the reactions here.

Stay salty frens.

We all know even many normies can see that Anons have been on the side of truth with events unfolding globally now. They just will never admit it. Until it smacks them in the face.

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I'd vote for this. It's depressing having no good options here for today's Manitoba provincial election too.

"Work-from-home" Trump would be a far better option.

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The fact that the "I" is included on there is beyond parody.

That's a biological issue. Everything else is not biological in that list.

In fact, it debunks the trans ideology in many ways. Intersex people exist. Yes. They are a VERY small minority of the population obviously but intersex is typically something used by the Left to defend the trans ideology.

So why separate it at all? Why include them on the list? It's not a movement to defend medical problems.

It's a joke.

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The journey so far has been amazing. Started on the pizzagate subreddit, moved over to the GAW subreddit, then to VOAT and then here. A bit of twitter sprinkled in before the great banning.

I don't know how I'll feel once this is all over honestly. I hope we can keep up a decent community here for the long haul. I like the general life and news disucssion as well as the Q stuff. The Jesus/faith posts have also been incredibly inspiring for me these last 7 years or so.

Or maybe we'll all be too focused on what the new world is growing into and being part of it and focusing on our families and peoplel in our communities that we won't feel a need to come here.

Either way, I'll look back fondly and miss it, wish I had a GAW tab open 24/7 and have my reading of every post as a constant ritual.

I'll focus on God. Yep. Seems like the right way to go.

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I'd love to see a video of Body Language Ghost doing this short clip. He tells us so much with his facial expressions and body language here.

He knows a LOT about Q clearly. His reaction to the question was genuine awkwardness. Excited but knows he can't say anything. I bet DJT Jr LOVES that Q has worked and messed with the MSM as much as it has.

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One of the things that's made this all easier for me is that I know, to my core and in my soul, that I acted in accordance with my gut and can stand tall knowing that I didn't betray myself. God made a way...

Many people, now, who went against themselves and got the shot are probably scared right now.

We must remind them that they need to accept and believe in God and Christ, our saviour.

He can heal anything, but healing can't happen with faith. Even mustard seed sized faith.

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He has to know how absurd it is that he won't say what happened to him publicly but he keeps emphasizing how bad of a thing he had to go through.

Why not just tell people? He's one of the most public facing types of people in our world today and he relies on his fan base to get viewers on game shows and to draw audiences for movies.

Is he doing that on purpose to allow conspiracies to continue? It makes no sense.

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Some hope! Too many here are far beyond lost. Though the Anon-types I have met here are very loud haha

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Someone representing dissent well in my fair city of Winnipeg! Good on you fren!

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I can never remove the video that showed a kid in what looked like a shower with the lights mostly out and a voice that sounded like John Podesta basically torturing the kid.

All the years of digging on Reddit then Voat then here, I've seen things I never wanted to see but can never forget now. Normies who think Q is a joke have no idea why we do this.

Save. The. Children.

It's always been about the children.

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I think some MSM outlets are going to end up covering this stuff on a surface level just cover their butts and not look retarded once the Biden's start going to jail and Joe is impeached and then removed from office.

They'll downplay it as much as they can without looking hyper-partisan, no 10 person opinion panel's for half an hour being aghast at how corrupt the Biden's are and how the conspiracy theorists and "QAnOnSes" were right either. Just matter of fact stuff and then they'll move on.

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You're right. It's incredible to watch the actual hearings (and others like it), see how the Dems just say random things and don't allow responses, they're all reading from their assigned scripts...

They all threw to Schiff if they gave up time of their own. Schiff embarrassed himself numerous times but they'll act like he owned Durham.

They will keep doing this until the very end. Then the normies will lose their minds and believe that it's all a dictator taking power and that "Democracy is dead" or something stupid like that.

The way they craft false narratives is what will break down American society and "dEmOCrAcy". Because their viewers/readers have no clue what has actually been happening.

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I loved Gaetz going after him about Mifsud. Showed that it wasn't just a partisan way of criticizing Durham or asking him tough questions. The Dems asked ridiculous questions and just grand standed for MSM news clips.

BUT anyone else hear the question about Mifsud being alive or dead and think that was a MUCH bigger deal than they made it seem?

Durham had everything. Mifsud is likely dead. Murdered ded. Clintoncided.

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